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Ranking The Top 5 Leagues In European Football

Have a look at the ranking of the top 5 footballing leagues in the world as preparations for the new season begin.

Football is played everywhere around the world. Different countries have different playing styles but the objective of every team in each and every league around the world is to qualify for Europe. The top 4 teams from every league get the chance to feature in the Champions League.

Have a look at the rating of the top 5 leagues around the world:

These are top-5 football leagues in Europe

1. Premier League (England)

Premier League (England)

Premier League is the top division of English football and one of the most entertaining leagues in the world. It is one of the most competitive and toughest leagues where the physicality of a player is crucial. It is very difficult to finish in the top 4 of the Premier League which is often considered as the best footballing league in the world.

Meanwhile, there is also a lot of money involved in the Premier League which makes it an interesting option for players who are willing to play hardcore English football. However, Premier League is also one of the most dangerous leagues in the world where attackers have to endure hard tackles from defenders.

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2. La Liga (Spain)

Spanish football consists of short passes and intelligent movement of the ball not as tough as compared to the Premier League which has a fast and pacey vibe to the game. La Liga at one point was considered the best league at the time of overall dominance from Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Despite hosting many big superstars of football like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and many others, it could not overtake the Premier League which has been by far the most dominant football league in the world. However, the following of La Liga will decrease rapidly after the departure of Lionel Messi.

3. Bundesliga (Germany)


German football is a mix of English and Spanish football which consists of little plays in the midfield as well as long balls which make the game interesting. Meanwhile, it is one of the most competitive leagues in the world with the margin between the first team and the last team is mostly lower as compared to the other leagues.

Bayern Munich has dominated German football for a long time now winning the Bundesliga title every time since the past few years. A huge factor in their dominance over the German football is partially due to the monopoly of Bayern Munich who purchases every talented footballer in the league.

4. Serie-A (Italy)

Italian Serie-A is fourth on the ranking list because of not so much interesting playing style of the Italians. Italians do not run that much on the field and play an intelligent game. The addition of Cristiano Ronaldo to the League has provided the league with recognition to the league which it was desperately craving.

Serie-A football is very slow which makes it not interesting for the fans who enjoy fast and pacey football which you can witness in the Premier League.

5. Ligue-1 (France)

Ligue-1 (France)

The French league is the last name on this list as the football over there is not so interesting because of no competition in the League. The arrival of Brazilian superstar Neymar did help the league in some way but the lack of talent has pushed the French league all the way down.

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