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Dwight Freeney picks his choice in the Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes debate

Over the past few seasons, the Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes debate has taken over the NFL. Both are top-quality quarterbacks and have created history for their respective franchises. Tom Brady has been the face of the NFL for decades, and Patrick Mahomes is the current.

As a result, fans have compared both players at their peak. Not just fans, but even players and experts compare both players. Similarly, Dwight Freeney picks his choice in the debate.

Dwight Freeney said:

“The greatest winning quarterback ever? It is Tom Brady. All day, every day.”

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Even Mahomes believes he isn’t even close to him. Despite Mahomes winning his third Super Bowl championship and Super Bowl MVP, he believes Brady is better than him. After winning his third Super Bowl championship, Patrick Mahomes said:

“To me, it will always be tough because Bardy beat me in the Super Bowl! Then, if you ask me that question in 15 years, I will see if I can get close to seven, but seven seems like a long way away still.”

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Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes debate

Looking at Tom Brady’s NFL career, no one is close to him. He won seven Super Bowl championships, five Super Bowl MVPs, three NFL MVP awards, two Offensive Player of the Year awards, and multiple team appearances.

His NFL career is almost like a book of records, from games to passes to passing yards and more.

On the other hand, Mahomes has won three Super Bowl championships, three Super Bowl MVPs, two NFL MVP awards, one Offensive Player of the Year, and multiple first-team appearances. He also holds NFL records, but not as many as Tom Brady.

Comparing Mahomes to the legendary Brady is illegal as of now. If Mahomes performs consistently in the upcoming seasons and wins more rings, there is a chance for debate.

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