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The last Super Bowl championship of every NFL team

The Super Bowl Championship is the most prestigious title for every NFL team. All 32 teams competing in the league aim to play and win the Super Bowl championship. The Super Bowl took place in 1966, and the Green Bay Packers lifted the title. Since then, almost every NFL team has won the title at least once. So, let us look at the last Super Bowl championship of every NFL team.

The last Super Bowl championship of every NFL team

American Football Conference Teams

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills: Yet to win
  • Miami Dolphins: 1973
  • New York Jets: 1968
  • New England Patriots: 2018

AFC West

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 2O23
  • Las Vegas Raiders: 1983
  • Denver Broncos: 2015
  • Los Angeles Chargers: Yet to win

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AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens: 2012
  • Cleveland Browns: Yet to win
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 2008
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Yet to win

AFC South

  • Houston Texans: Yet to win
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Yet to win
  • Indianapolis Colts: 2006
  • Tennessee Titans: Yet to win

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National Football Conference Teams

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys: 1995
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 2022
  • New York Giants: 2011
  • Washington Commanders: 1991

NFC West

  • San Francisco 49ers: 1994
  • Los Angeles Rams: 2021
  • Seattle Seahawks: 2014
  • Arizona Cardinals: Yet to win

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NFC North

  • Detroit Lions: Yet to win
  • Green Bay Packers: 2010
  • Minnesota Vikings: Yet to win
  • Chicago Bears: 1985

NFC South

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2020
  • New Orlean Saints: 2009
  • Atlanta Falcons: Yet to win
  • Carolina Panthers: Yet to win

20 NFL franchises (11 from the NFC and nine from the AFC) have lifted the Super Bowl. The remaining 12 teams have yet to win a Super Bowl title.

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