Saurabh Karmarkar

Saurabh Karmarkar is a sports management student and keenly enthusiastic about sports. The by-product of this enthusiasm is his love for sports content writing. The zeal for sports, especially football and cricket, drives this young lad to write articles on sports. He has written 150+ articles at The SportsLite. Well, one thing we forgot to mention, he is a Mechanical Engineer too!

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar is An ardent sports fanatic who believes in the quote ‘sports cures all‘. His love for sports knows no boundaries, not even that of exams! He keenly watches cricket, football, hockey, badminton, F1, tennis, etc. An avid sports quizzer who wants India to be known as a sporting superpower. And he is up for the grind to get India the crown! His love for writing led him to write around 100+ articles on Tokyo 2020.


Harprateek is an ardent sportsperson whose favourite sport is to play with words. Having a flair for writing, he is keen on embracing and furnishing new perspectives. Cricket is his love and he thinks it’s a match made in heaven. With myriad articles in his bag, he delineates his experience to be nothing short of a joyride. His stint of writing over a month for The SportsLite concluded in January 2022. A true believer in the power of pen, he aims to make the world a better place through his writings!

Daksh Grover

Daksh is a die-hard sports fan. Virat Kohli’s love for cricket is akin to his passion for sports. He authored about 50 articles for The SportsLite during the course of two months. In terms of sports, he is enthralled by cricket, particularly test cricket. Because he believes that test cricket is the essence and soul of the game and that it should never die. He believes that if someone writes, they cannot be killed. And when he writes, he gives it his all.

Mohit Singh

Mohit Bangari has been a sports fan ever since he can recall and a steadfast advocate of MS Dhoni that fuelled his love for the game of Cricket. Apart from writing and following Cricket, he closely follows Badminton as well. He has also won several state championships. He has served as the Cricket Content Writer at The SportsLite spanning over two months. On academic front, he is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Mathematics from University of Delhi. He strives to be an IFS official someday without giving up on his love for sports (obviously)!

Shruti Mishra

Shruti Mishra is a passionate writer and sports enthusiast. With the undecorated style of writing and a stress-free approach towards topics, she aims to make topics understandable for all. Having a flair for writing, she embraced various topics throughout her journey. She spent 3 months in the organization and wrote over 80 articles. Apart from articles she also is an adamant reader and loves to catch sites of hockey and golf. On the academic front, Shruti is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Calcutta University.

Sagnik Chakraborty

Sagnik is an ardent football fan and a sports management student. He has been a first team football analyst. He currently works as a Football Content Specialist. Although an Economics graduate, his love for sports especially football has brought him to work within the sports world with The SportsLite being his first venture into Sports content writing. He has worked for more than 1 month with The SportsLite.