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UCL 2024 Predictions – Real Madrid vs. Other Semifinalists

This is the week when we will find out who will be playing in the finals of the Champions League. The previous stage was quite interesting. And we saw a few surprises as well.

For example, Atletico Madrid was a favorite against Dortmund, but the Germans made it to the semi-finals after an interesting comeback losing the first game 2:1. They won in 2nd leg 4:2.

Barcelona lost to PSG, and this pair was even more interesting because PSG lost at home, and then had a huge win in an away game by winning 4:1.

The last-season winner, Manchester City, finished their SL season in the quarter-finals as they lost against Real Madrid, the main favorite to win the title.

Arsenal showed they are really back as they have shown class in the last two seasons. But the luck was on the side of Bayern, who won at home with a minimal win after tying the first game.

The Finals of The Champions League
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So, in the semi-finals, we will see two quite exciting pairs. And what’s even more interesting is that there are no clear favorites. Anything can happen. If you think you can predict who will play in the finals, you can try your luck by placing a bet on the following games.

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Also, a lot of people think that the main favorite for the title is Real Madrid, which should not be so surprising considering they are the club with the most titles in this tournament.

We will now analyze how other clubs are comparing to them, and whether there is a real chance of anyone else to lift the trophy on Wembley.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

We will start with the German club because they are Real’s first opponent. Both clubs are considered the best in their domestic leagues.

However, Bayern had its ups and downs this season. The biggest surprise is they lost the Bundesliga title for the first time since 2013. They won the league 11 times in a row.

Xabi Alonso managed to combine an impressive formation that finally broke Bayern’s series, and Bayer Leverkusen finally got its first title.

And we see this as a motivation for Bayern to finish the season with a trophy. While Real may be favored by many, the reality is that Germans have the quality to play against them.

When we compare the different players, we can see top stars on both sides. Starting with the goalkeepers, Manuel Neuer has been among the best goalies for over a decade.

When it comes to the left-backs, Real still doesn’t have a decent replacement for their legend Marcelo. On the other hand, Alphonso Davies is already considered as one of the best players in this position. He is only 23 at the moment, so we think he is yet to achieve his full potential.

The defending line is full of quality on both sides, with Matthijs de Ligt and Upamecano in Bayern, and Rüdiger and Alaba as the best defenders for Real Madrid. The bench is full of top players as well, meaning that it is quite difficult to determine which one of these clubs has a better defense.

The situation is somewhat different in the midfield, where we can freely say that Real is much better because they have an amazing rotation with young talents like Camavinga, Tchouameni, and, of course, the best player at the moment, Jude Bellingham. The rest of the mid is even more impressive with names like Tony Kroos and Luka Modric.

Joshua Kimmich, Leroy Sané, Jamal Musiala, and Leon Goretzka are the standard mid squad for the Germans. They all are great players, but they simply don’t have such good replacements as Real.

The attack is amazing on both sides. Real has their magician Vinicius Junior, backed by Rodrygo on the right side, but Bayern has Kane, one of the best strikers in recent years. So we can say it’s a tie in the attack.

After comparing all parts of their squad, we can say that Real Madrid has a slight advantage in the midfield, while both defense and attack have similar qualities.

PSG and Dortmund

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

As we can see, PSG doesn’t need so many legends to reach the semi-finals. They are having a more impressive season this year, even though they don’t have Messi and Neymar in their squad anymore. But that doesn’t mean they lack quality.

The leader of this team – Mbappe, is having another great season, with 26 goals in the league, and 8 in the CL so far. He is backed by Asensio and Ousmane Dembele, who is finally showing skills we could watch when he was playing for Dortmund.

His quest in Barcelona was not so successful, we all know about various issues he was facing while playing in Spain. The mid is full of both experienced players and young talents.

For example, Fabian Ruiz is providing stability to the mid, Vitinha is strong and can lead both defense and attack in conversions, and there is also young Zaire-Emery, who is quite explosive on the right side. This player is only 18 at the moment, and we are expecting him to have a memorable career.

The defense is strong, explosive, and capable of converting into attack, especially on the right side with Hakimi, who is one of the best fullbacks today.

FC Dortmund

Dortmund was facing a lot of issues this season, and reaching the finals is the only way for them to recover at least a little bit. It will be difficult for them to play in the CL next year since Dortmund is 5th at the moment, 5 points behind RB Leipzig.

They have 3 more games in the leagues, and even if they win all 3, Leipzig will have to lose 2, which will hardly happen considering they are in great form at the moment. So, the only chance for Dortmund is to win the CL.

Some would say that’s impossible, but anything can happen in this game. But let’s first see who will pass to the final between these two.


And in the end, the toughest game for Real Madrid is actually the semi-finals against Bayern. Real will surely be the main favorite in the finals if they win against the German club.

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