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List of Players with Most Appearances in Bundesliga

Footballers with the most appearances in Bundesliga are the players with the most consistent performers in the league. These players have demonstrated great consistency in the German league.

Here, we take a look at the List of Players with Most Appearances in Bundesliga :

5. Mirko Votava (545 appearances)

Mirko Votava played for SV Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund in the top tier of German football. He mainly played as a defensive midfielder. He played for 47,141 minutes in Bundesliga that earns him the 5th spot in our most appearances in the Bundesliga list.

4. Klaus Fichtel (552 appearances)

Klaus Fichtel played in the midfield for Schalke 04 and SV Werder Bremen. He was the oldest player to play in the league at the age of 43 and a half years in May 1988. His 48,098 minutes in the German top division earns him the 4th spot.

3. Oliver Kahn (557 appearances)

Oliver Kahn is considered one of the goalkeeping greats. He was known for his aggression, shot-stopping and consistency. He is a Bayern Munich legend who also played for Karlsruher SC in his early career. His 49,307 minutes in 557 appearances earn him 3rd place in our list of most appearances in Bundesliga.

2. Manfred Kaltz (581 appearances)

Manfred Kaltz played in the Bundesliga for Hamburger SV. He was mainly a right back in his playing career. He had 581 appearances in which he played for 51,596 minutes. These make him the second-best in terms of appearances in Bundesliga.

1. Karl-Heinze Korbel (602 appearances)- [Tops the list of Most Appearances in Bundesliga]

Karl-Heinze Korbel plied his trade in Bundesliga for Eintracht Frankfurt. He was mainly a center-back for the team. His 53,350 minutes in 602 appearances make him the player with the most appearances in Bundesliga.

Top-5 Footballers with Most Appearances in Bundesliga:

Rank Players Number of Appearances
5 Mirko Votava 545
4 Klaus Fichtel 552
3 Oliver Kahn 557
2 Manfred Kaltz 581
1 Karl-Heinze Korbel 602

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