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10 Unbelievable Qualities of MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, aka, MSD, Thala, Captain Cool, Mahi, and what not! If you’re a fan of his, then you’re up for a treat with this piece. An all-time great in the cricketing history, excitement disseminated through souls when one got to hear “Mahi maar raha hai”! He’s not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most dynamic captains to embrace the game. His unconventional approach towards the sport left others to keep scratching their head. MS Dhoni is an epitome of leadership. Some of India’s biggest wins including the 2007 T20 World Cup, 2010 Asia Cup 2011 World Cup, etc. came under his captaincy. Along with his cricketing abilities, people admire him for the person he is. No doubt, his personality traits led him a long way in life. Therefore, here we behold 10 unbelievable qualities of MS Dhoni below!

10. Trusting Instincts

No cap, none observes or scrutinizes the game better than MS Dhoni! He knows how paramount it is to respond to your instincts. He is not the one to let go of his gut feeling. And it is because of his instincts, he turns out to be unconventional in nature for many. Dhoni is known for thinking out of the box and making unusual decisions. Whether it was promoting himself before Yuvraj Singh in the 2011 World Cup, or asking Ishant Sharma to bowl short to England’s batsman at Lord’s during the 2014 tour. Eventually, we all know how propitious were those decisions for India!

9. Being a Team Player

Although everybody understands the necessity of being a team player, but only few execute this quality flawlessly. A leader needs to understand that they too are a part of the team like others. MS Dhoni instilled his trust instilled into the team and stood by his players no matter what. The confidence he showed in them resulted the team to perform well as a whole. Minute yet beautiful qualities like these keep everyone motivated to give their best shot each time. Watching MSD lead the Indian side shall always be a delight.

8. Sportsmanship

You might be excellent or average in your game, but having sportsmanship is a must for every sportsperson. Importantly, one needs to have this spirit to both their team members as well as the opponents. Mahi was pretty well versed with this and knew the art of being respectful towards his competitors. If one continues to reach greater heights, it is possible that the opposition might push you off the track. Moments like these are essential because they succour in character building. One’s behaviour towards such things determine how far can they go. Eventually, what’s more beautiful is that the same opposition gradually begins to show respect for you. And what could be more great than being respected by both your team as well as the opposition! Well, that’s MSD for you! He never indulged in any sort of sledging and was respectful towards others all throughout his career.

“When I die, the last thing I want to see is the six that Dhoni hit in the 2011 World Cup final.”

~ Sunil Gavaskar

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7. Calm se Kaam Attitude

There’s a reason why people call him as the Captain Cool. His propensity to stay calm under pressure is beyond reproach. He’s the one who likes to do his ‘kaam with calm’! The way he carries his personality is amazing. Moreover, even when he was not captaining the national side, there was a special aura he created within the field. The nation might be losing it on nerve-racking moments, but MSD on the other hand, was cooler than Dermi Cool! From the start, he was never the one to succumb to the pressure. Due to his analytical, critical, and rational thinking, the team often managed tough situations with ease. Out of the listed 10 unbelievable qualities of Dhoni, focusing on this specific quality can take players places in their careers!

6. Dealing with Failure

If MS Dhoni had not been adept in dealing with failure, we might not have known his great personality. His biopic MS Dhoni – The Untold Story itself portrayed the struggle he had to face before making it big. Furthermore, dealing with failure also includes the downfalls he experienced as a professional player too. He was not off to a good start in his career initially. Dhoni had his fair share of fluctuating performances. Undeterred by all of this, his never-say-die attitude made him strive for excellence. In a country where cricket is considered to be a religion, it’s hard to please people all the time. The laymen do not even take a minute before turning their backs especially when the team is not performing well. Whether it was criticism or hate, Dhoni dealt with it like a boss! Come what may, he chose to stay sane amongst the insane.

5. Handling Success

Despite having all the fame, money, and success, MS Dhoni didn’t let it change him a bit. That’s a sign of a great leader. It seems coolness in his head was way cool to let success completely takeover! He earned his respect and has been humble throughout. Quite often, after laying hands on success, people tend to lose their balance. With him, it was never the case as he maintained a steady growth to the path of leadership. This quality might come off as the most underrated one out of the 10 unbelievable qualities of MS Dhoni, but it’s equally essential. Hence, no wonder if people perceive Thala to be synonymous with the term leadership. Success or failure, he aced in handling both of them!

“If 15 runs are needed off the last over, pressure is on the bowler, not on MS Dhoni.”

~ Ian Bishop

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4. Being the Frontman

Whenever the team gave an impression of crumbling down, Dhoni has always been there to save the grace. He knows what it means to lead from front. Mahi has single-handedly driven team India towards victory n number of times. He led by an example whenever the team needed him the most. Whether it’s batting, wicketkeeping, or captaining a side, MS Dhoni has always stood up to the occasion. None can forget the knock he played at the Wankhede Stadium in 2011 World Cup Final. He was the name you could bank upon. Hope was always alive till the time he was present at the crease.

3. Sharing Credit

If being a good leader is an art, then Dhoni is the Picasso of it. Alright, I know I’ve been quite vocal about him all this while. But please excuse me, once a Dhoni fan, always a Dhoni fan! Dhoni has always stepped up to take the responsibility of a loss. He has taken all the unnecessary down putting criticism on his own, but never took the entire credit for team’s victory. For instance, we’ve seen it in the press conferences, interviews, or post-match presentations, he always enunciates about the team’s effort. Not boasting about himself, MSD has ensured that the team is always confident and motivated to perform.

2. Uninhibited Style

We all remember Ravi Shastri articulating, “Dhoni finishes it off in style,” during our 2011 World Cup win. Well, no denying that Dhoni has his own style to get done with things! In addition to this, Thala’s way of hitting is out of this world. Agreeing that he is not the most technical batsman, but he punches the ball so hard that it goes smashing down the ground. It becomes difficult for a fielder to stop the ball in its course. Coming from a humble background, Dhoni never let anything hamper his behaviour. Time and again he channelised his raw energy to brutal on-field performances. Be it batting or wicketkeeping, helicopter shot or lightning-fast stumping, Dhoni is unique.

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1. Versatility

Concluding the list of 10 unbelievable qualities of MS Dhoni, let’s lay emphasis on his versatility. Throw any situation at him, he’ll immediately adapt to it. He skillfully played all the formats of the game and put up a great show. He can bat at any position and mould himself according to the circumstances. Just when it seems the show’s over, Dhoni might pull out another trick from his sleeve! Versatility along with adaptability are the key elements to maintain longevity in any field. And MS Dhoni has not been less than any of the great teachers we have today!

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