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PKL Rules: What are the Different Rules and Regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League

The eighth season of the Pro Kabaddi League is all ready to kick in! Before we dive into the tournament filled with thrill and enthusiasm, let us go through the rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.

How many members in a Team in Pro Kabaddi League(PKL)?

rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.
Team in Pro Kabaddi League

The team is required to have a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twelve (12) players in its playing squad on the match day. Each team is supposed to have at least one overseas player in the match-day playing team. A total of seven players is to take the ground at a time while the other three or five are substitutes.

Toss and Choice of Court

rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.
Toss in Pro Kabaddi League

The team that wins the toss has the choice of the court or the raid. The team that lost the toss then has the remaining choice. In the other half of the game, the court shall be changed. The team which did not send in the raider in first in the first half shall send now. The game in the second half shall continue with the same number of players as it was at the end of the first half.

System of Scoring

Each team receives one point for every opponent out or put out. The team receives two extra points for ALL-OUT. Every team scores one point for every bonus point awarded.

Duration of Match

The duration of the match is of 40 minutes divided equally into two halves. Each half has a 5 minutes interval between the two halves.

Time Out

rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Every team is allowed to take one time-out of 90 seconds per match. It can be called for by the coach, captain, or any of the players. The match clock is paused when there is a time out and the clock is restarted once it is over. During the time out no player/ team is allowed to leave the ground. The official time-out can be called out by the referee or the umpire when a player is injured or in any other unforeseen circumstances.


Each team is allowed a maximum number of 5 substitutions per match with the permission of the referee. Substituted Players can be re-substituted by utilizing one of the remaining substitute chances out of the total 5 number of substitutions allowed in a match. If any player is suspended or disqualified from the match, no substitution is allowed for that particular player. The team will play with fewer players. Substitution is not allowed for players who are out.


The team that scores the maximum point after the 40-minute duration of the match is declared the winner.

Tie Ruels in PKL Playoffs and Knock-out matches

When there is a tie in important matches such as knock-out or playoff matches several decisions are taken. Extra 7 minutes are awarded to decide the result of the match. These seven minutes are divided into two halves of 3 minutes each and a break of one minute. The court and raid positions shall be the same as they were at the beginning of the match.

Golden Raid

rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.

At the end of the extra 7 minutes, if the game is still tied, the Golden Raid rule will apply. In this raid, a fresh toss is conducted by the referee/ umpire. The baulk line is treated as baulk as well as bonus line. If there is a tie after the Golden Raid the opponent team is given the chance for the same. The team with leading raid points is announced the winner. If the game is still tied after the Golden Rule the winner is decided with a toss.

These are the rules that are followed in the league. There are many other rules and regulations that are followed in Pro Kabaddi League in addition to the ones mentioned above.

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