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Different types of Kicks in Football

There are over 20 types of Kick in Football

We all enjoy a game of football and get amazed at how beautiful this game is. Football is a sport, which can never be boring and anything is possible at the last minute of the game. Some Passes, crosses, shoots, saves, and kicks can change the game drastically towards your side and if it is a Penalty kick, then the match is completely upside down. Well, there are different types of kicks in football. So let us have a look at these different types of Kicks in Football.

Messi - Different Types Of Kicks In Football

Here is the list of different types of kicks in football:

50-50 Ball Kick

This one involves the player kicking the ball to the opposing team. It is the 50-50 ball because there’s an equal chance of getting the ball back.

Back Kick

Kicking a ball using the back (heel) of the foot.

Bicycle Kick (Scissor Kick)

A spectacular move in which a player jumps in the air in a backflip motion, kicking the ball back over their head. The name comes from action which mimics their legs moving as if pedaling a bicycle.

Corner Kick

A free-kick is from the corner of the field by an attacker. The referee gives a corner kick when the ball has passed over the goal line after last touching a defensive player. The player takes the shot from the corner nearest to where the ball went out.

Direct Free Kick

A free-kick in which a goal may be scored directly by the player taking the free-kick.

Free Kick

A kick is awarded to an opposition player when a player commits a foul. Free kicks can be either direct or indirect.

Goal Kick

This is a kick as a result of the football leaving the field from the possession of the opponent’s feet.

Hand Ball Kick

This kick involves the player hitting the ball or picking it up with his or her hands. This incident may be intentional or unintentional.

Instep Kick

Also called the laces to kick. This kick is a kick where the player uses the inner part of the feet. It is mainly for shooting.

Indirect Free Kick

A free kick is awarded to a player inside the penalty box from which a goal may not be scored directly.

Outside Kick

This kick involves the player shooting with the outside of the shoe. It is mainly to pass the ball to a teammate.

Own Goal Kick

This move involves the player either kicking or deflecting the ball by mistake into their net.

Penalty Kick

This is a type of direct free-kick and it enables players to use it to score a goal. A player takes from the 12 yards from the goal post.


In this kick, the player/goalkeeper picks up the ball and kicks it up high in the air. Punts are of 2 types High and Low. In a High punt, the ball flies higher angle in the air, and in a low punt, the ball goes at a lower angle.

Push Kick

This is a kick that allows the player to shoot a very accurate pass to your teammates.


A kick, header, or any intended deflection of the ball toward a goal by a player attempting to score a goal.

Toe Poke Kick

Use of the toe to strike the ball.

Tackle Kick

In this move, the player slides to kick the ball away from the opponent’s feet or before it reaches them.

Volley Kick

Striking the ball in mid-air with either foot.

Wall Pass Kick

This is where the player kicks the ball on a wall, which gets it to his or her teammate. This mainly occurs during indirect free-kick as the player kicks the ball on the opponent’s human wall to deflect the ball which may or may not reach, his teammates.

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