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10 Interesting Facts About Rodrygo Goes

There are too many rumours surrounding Rodrygo Goes love affairs however no one is true

Rodrygo Goes is a Brazilian rising star who has introduced himself right from the very first time he wore the ‘ Royal White Jersey ‘ of Real Madrid.  Accompanied by Vinicius Junior at both domestic as well as international level, who is another prominent young talent in the world of football. Read about 10 Interesting Facts About Rodrygo. Both Rodrygo and Vinicius are fighting for the starting position in the final eleven and with their exceptional efforts they are now a regular starter in the team. With all that being said here are 10 Interesting Facts About Rodrygo Goes

10. Patience is the key with Rodrygo Goes

Rodrygo Goes is unarguably a Real Madrid player for the future because of his exceptional potential. He is a prosperous young talent with the whole world in front of him. Rodrygo introduced himself with a bang scoring in his debut match.

9. Rodrygo Benching Gareth Bale!

Rodrygo Goes has benched Gareth Bale, this is a statement which is unbelievably true. Rodrygo has literally benched one of the finest players of our generation Gareth Bale. It is because of his exceptional work rate and substantial performance. 

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8. Rodrygo’s Hard Life Childhood Story

Rodrygo had quite a hard childhood just like many Brazilians who dream about playing football. He was born to Denise Goes and Eric Batista who got engaged when they were just 17. Now Rodrygo’s parents are in their 30’s which means they are closer in terms of age with some of the veterans from Real Madrid.

7. Rodrygo’s birthday and Zodiac Sign

Rodrygo was born in 2001 which is absolutely crazy because the 2000’s was not that far out. Rodrygo was born in the month of January and he is a Capricorn making him a family man. Thus making him a man of responsibilities which he is successfully fulfilling.

6. Following in the footsteps of his idol Robinho

When Rodrygo was just 10 years old, his parents insisted that he should join the Futsal team of Santos as he was already representing Santos’s youth team. It is because of his idol Robinho that he wanted to go into the more flashy version of football.

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5. Rodrygo was a transfer market sensation in his teenage years. 

There is a reason why Florentino Perez himself got involved in signing both the future starlets of world football. When Vinicius and Rodrygo first came in to the Bernabeu they were just the next big thing and now they are the big thing and have quite successfully secured Real Madrid’s attacking positions for years.

4. Rodrygo Played Copa Libertadores at just 17!

Rodrygo Goes made his debut at 17 years old in one of the most badass clashes in the history of football. He became the youngest player ever to make a debut in the competition with Santos. Yet another milestone for Rodrygo Goes.

3. Rodrygo’s Love Affair?

With the rise of popularity and fame in the life of Rodrygo Goes, there comes another thing which goes by the name ‘Public Attention’. It is something which follows every superstar or rising star but as far as Rodrygo is concerned there are only rumours which surround his love life.

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2. Rodrygo Goes Market Value 

The market value of the Real Madrid young star Rodrygo Goes is already a whooping € 45 M. Which is crazy considering his age, because he is an absolute exceptional talent and has transformed his game in the right flank for Real Madrid.

1 . Rodrygo Goes Iconic Quotes

Rodrygo Goes if someday will fulfill his true potential which seems not too far out now will surely be remembered for the quotes he said in his very first press conference at Madrid 

”This is the happiest day of my life. To be here is the dream of every kid in the world… Not just Brazilians. I’m young but those who know me since I was even younger, know that I’ve always been a Real Madrid fan. I even told my dad when I was a kid that I’ll play at this club one day.”


These were some of the interesting facts about one of the most prominent young talents in world football at the moment. 

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