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English Premier League Sponsors 2022: Main and Official Partners

Some of those individuals that make life a smoothie for EPL. So these are the English Premier League Sponsors 2022

The English Premier League is the top tier professional football of England which is regarded by many people as the best league in the world by a country mile. And a debate could easily be made over this premise because of English Premier League Sponsors 2022

The English Premier League has seen some of the greatest talents in world football since the beginning of the beautiful game. The likes of George Best, Eric Cantona, Sir Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalgish, Sergio Aguero, Dennis Bergamp, Thierry Henry, Wayne Rooney, Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However in this article we would cover some of those individuals that make life a smoothie for EPL. So these are the English Premier League Sponsors 2022

Main Sponsors

EA Sports

The legendary video game company EA Sports has held the official license for the English top flight professional football for quite some time now. And the bond between the two parties has grown stronger with time.

 In 2014, with the release of its iconic franchise FIFA 15 both EA and EPL came together in a one-of-a-kind partnership granting EA some exclusive privileged rights gaining access to integrated Premier League licensing within its annual renewed video game FIFA. EA Sports was announced as a lead partner in August 2016 with a deal worth almost $ 28 M per year. 

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The British origin financial services company has been a household name in the case of the English Premier League. Barclays has also been EPL’s title sponsor from 2001-2016. Currently EPL and Barclays are in a deal in which Barclays serves as EPL’s official bank partner.

The two parties last renewed their partnership in 2019 in a deal worth £ 31.5 M which will go until the end of 2022 season.


The AB InBev beer brand acts as an official beer partner to the English Premier League from 2019. This deal covers over 20 countries across 5 continents making it an astonishing deal for the English Top Tier Professional Football. This deal provides for the exclusive image rights for the Premier League Players making it even more lucrative.

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Official Partners


Nike, the American origin sportswear giant is the official match ball supplier to the English Premier League since 2000. It also provides for various kita and player enhancement programs to the youth teams of the league as well. The last extension between Nike and the English Premier League came in the year 2018 which will see both the parties together till 2025.

Sky Sports

A London origin subscription based sports channel is the official sports division of satellite pay Tv company. The deal between the English Premier League and Sky Sports is a deal that benefits both the parties in the most obvious way. Sky is owned by an American origin telecommunications conglomerate Comcast which is great for the globalisation point of view.

BBC Sport

BBC sport is the sports division of the leading British Broadcasting Corporation. It is basically of Manchester origin, Salford to be particular. BBC Sport is a familiar name in the sports industry because of its premium presence in the Sports ecosystem. The deal between BBC sport and English Premier League has been an enormous deal benefiting both the parties in general.

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These are some of the names of the sponsors that have made life better for the English Premier League owners and provides an enhanced experience for its fanbase. The English Premier League is unarguably the best league in the world with a fanbase that makes the difference across the globe.


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