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10 Interesting Facts About Gavi

Gavi has a market value of around £70 million to £116M considering he is just 18 years old

Gavi is a Professional Football player who represents FC Barcelona and Spain National Football team. He is just like his fellow compatriot Pedri is immensely talented and they could rewrite the history books by becoming yet another deadly duo representing the famous Spanish club FC Barcelona. Just like their role models Xavi and Iniesta. Gavi is even younger than Pedri and is an absolute pleasure to watch on a football pitch. With all that being said here are 10 Interesting Facts About Gavi which are as amazing as they are true.

10 Interesting Facts about Gavi

10. Gavi is a video game lover, especially FIFA

Gavi just like many of the players from his age is obsessed about playing video games and especially FIFA. He used to play the game whenever he gets the time with his friends as well as his team members.

9. Gavi’s birthday and his zodiac sign

Gavi was born on 5 August 2004, in Seville Spain. Thus making him one of the youngest players to ever feature for Barcelona’s senior team. His zodiac sign is Leo. Also Read: Ronaldo Son Death News, Age, Photo, Cause of Death, Illness and other details

8. Gavi’s interesting childhood story

Gavi as discussed above was born in Seville, Spain. He was born in a football-loving family and he joined the Real Betis academy when he was just 8 years old and scored a whopping 93 goals for them in his two years in the academy.

7. The beginning of Gavi’s professional career 

Gavi’s biggest breakthrough came when many Barca B players were promoted to the senior team in the 2021/22 pre-season. It was because of the trust of his former manager Ronald Koeman that he was able to show his true potential in front of everyone

6. Gavi’s beautiful playing style

Gavi is a versatile midfielder who could play in literally every position in the middle of the park. Thus making him a very lucrative option for any manager in the world because he could play as a central midfielder or an attacking midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker because of his vision and ability to make vital interceptions. Also Read: 10 Unknown Facts About Lionel Messi

5. Gavi’s relationship status and his love life

As of this moment, Gavi has kept his private life quite underrated and far far away from the limelight of any media whatsoever. However, with his increasing stardom, it is just a matter of time before the media finally catches up on him over this topic.

4. Gavi became the youngest player ever to play for Spain!

This is a milestone that is one of the hardest achievements in any professional football player’s career. At the age of just 17 years and 62 days, he beats previous record holder Àngel Zubieta who made his debut in 1936.

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3. Gavi’s current market value 

Gavi has a market value of around £70 million to £116M considering he is just 18 years old and as of this moment is astronomically crazy but at the same time an utter reality. Gavi is a dedicated professional with his heart set on the camp now.

2. Gavi’s Idol and his true inspiration!

Gavi’s idol is none other than the heart and soul of PSG, Marco Verratti. Spain’s manager, Luis Enrique revealed: “Verratti is his idol, I told him today you press Verratti from the first moment to the last. He loved it.”

1. Gavi is already getting compared to Iniesta and Xavi!

It is quite obvious when any midfielder does good they instantly get compared with the very best in the business. Same is the case with Gavi, because he has not even celebrated his 18th birthday yet. And with his sublime touches and vision in the middle of the park that quite literally distinguishes him and makes him one of the finest from his generation.

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These were 10 Interesting Facts About Gavi that one may or may not know but either way they are interesting and amazing from a footballing point of view. 

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