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10 Interesting facts about Jude Bellingham

He was just 15 years old when he was playing for Birmingham’s top youth squad. 

Jude Bellingham is one of the most prominent young talents of England. He is currently playing at Borussia Dortmund with the likes of Marco Reus and Erling Braut Haaland. Jude Bellingham is a generational talent that is too good for his age. Read about 10 Interesting facts about Jude Bellingham. With all that being said here are 10 Interesting Facts About Jude Bellingham that are amazingly good.

10. Jude Bellingham played U-23 football at 15!

Jude was amazing right from his prime teenage days because of his determination and strong will power to outplay everyone. He was just 15 years old when he was playing for Birmingham’s top youth squad. 

9. Jude’s shirt was retired when he left for Dortmund 

To Honour and recognise Jude as one of their own, Birmingham retired his number ‘22’ shirt in order to influence other players as well. This was a bold decision by Birmingham but all was done in a bona fide way.

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8. Jude’s style of play is similar to that of Stevie G!

Jermaine Pennant who said: “He reminds me of a young Steven Gerrard. He throws himself about, he can get up and down the pitch, he can score goals and assist goals, he’s got trickery. He’s a fantastic young player.” Although it is too early to make such comparisons but if they are getting raised then that certainly means something.

7. Jude became the youngest Englishman to play in the UCL

In playing against Lazio, Jude was just 17 years and 113 days old, breaking his fellow compatriot Phil Foden’s record and became the youngest English origin player to feature in the best club competition in the world, the Uefa Champions League.

6. Jude Bellingham’s Love Life

Jude is currently focusing on his professional football career at both club as well as national level. So by doing that he isn’t being able to free up time to focus on his love life and updating his relationship status. So, as of this moment he doesn’t have a girlfriend but it is just a matter of time now because of all that stardom.

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5. Jude Bellingham’s Market Value.

Jude’s current market value is £67.50 M which is gut wrenchingly amazing considering his tender age of 18 years. This market value clearly defines his abilities and skill set. However, with his immensely increasing potential it is just a matter of time for his market value to hit its peak.

4. A failed opportunity for the Gunners which is now a lost cause

Due to poor management from the club’s hierarchy. Gunners failed to sign this amazing talent into their roster. They were the first ones to spot Jude Bellingham and his immense talent. This could have been a long term signing for them.

3. Manchester United nearly gave £ 20 M for Jude Bellingham 

The Red Devils even lure jude out by specially drafting Sir Alex and Eric Cantona to make sure he signs for the club and to take him out of Birmingham. However, he already had made his mind and went to Germany.

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2. Jude Bellingham a generational talent

Jude Bellingham is unarguably one of the finest players from his generation. He is a generational talent and is certainly a prominent part of the ultra golden generation of England. He alongside Trent, Foden, Sancho and Saka are the future of the England national team. 

1 . Jude Bellingham’s Idol and his true inspiration.

In one of his interviews when he was asked which player in history would he like to swap shirts with – “ Stevie G, easily to be fair. In fact, no it is not easy, I think him or Rooney definitely close.

“But I think I would go Gerrard, though. The No.8, similar position to me, so yeah, I would probably go with him.”


These were 10 Interesting Facts About Jude Bellingham that one may or may not know but irrespective of which these are amazing in every sense of the word.

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