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Top 5 Free Kick Goals in FIFA World Cup History

Here are few of the best free kick goals at the FIFA World Cup

Freekick or set pieces are the most difficult chances to score from. However, if scored, those are the most satisfying goals. There have been many players who excel at the art of scoring freekicks. Pirlo, Messi, Juninho and Beckham are some of the best freekick takers in the modern era. At the FIFA World Cup too, there have been some free kicks that left us jaw-dropped. Here is a list Top 5 free kick goals in FIFA World Cup history.

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5. Ronaldinho vs England (2002)

Ronaldinho is without a doubt the most loved footballer in history of the sport. He was the best there was when it comes to dribbling and his skill left defenders on the ground. Always with a smile on his face, Ronaldinho scored some of the most outrageous goals and made them look easy.

In 2002, Brazil were facing England in the quarter finals of the world cup. The score was tied at nil-nil when England midfielder Paul Scholes put in a rough leg in and the freekick was awarded to Brazil.

A young Ronaldinho stepped up to take the freekick. Was he actually going for the goal or did he intend to set up a team mate? Anyways, a curling and dipping strike from the Brazilian ended up into the top corner. Keeper David Seaman was not expecting Ronaldinho to go direct either and initially wanted to rush and punch the ball away.

It was a goal for the history books and the goal that announced Ronaldinho on the global stage.

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4. Robin van Persie vs Ivory Coast (2006)

Robin van Persie wasn’t a regular freekick taker during his career. However, the Dutchman was a clinical striker and is till date the top scorer for The Netherlands.

During the 2006 world cup, The Netherlands were facing Ivory Coast in the group stages. Robin’s freekick helped the Dutch beat Ivory Coast with a 2-1 score line.

Van Persie was awarded the freekick just outside the box and was a straight shot at goal. The Dutchman delivered a fierce and powerful strike which ended up in the back of the net.

3. David Luiz vs Colombia (2014)

The Brazilian center-back was quite popular at set pieces for both club and country. During the 2014 World Cup, Brazil were facing Columbia in the quarters.

Brazil were already 1-0 up, when they got a set piece opportunity, at least 35-yards from the goal. The former Chelsea defender struck the ball with such curl that left goalie David Ospina with no chance to save.

David Luiz Freekick

This was one of the most beautiful goals in world cup history and a special one for the squad as this Brazil were playing at home. The immense joy and the celebrations after the goal were quite emotional as David Luiz ran towards the home crowd and celebrated with the fans.

2. Roberto Carlos vs China (2002)

Roberto Carlos was known for his powerful and curling free kicks and this was another example of it.

Playing against China during the 2002 world cup, as Carlos opened the scoring with a powerful strike in a match that ended 4-0. The left back was given the freekick duty from about 30 yards. Now usually freekick taker either go for precision or to curl, but Carlos went in with vigorous Belter of a strike.

The Chinese keeper couldn’t even get a touch on the ball which was rifled into the top corner. The fans behind the goal were lucky the net was there to stop it.

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1. Teofilo Cubillas vs Scotland (1978)

The greatest free kick taker in the world might either shoot with the left or the right foot. Rarely does anyone possess the gut to attempt an outside of the boot shot and that too at the World Cup.

Such was the case of Peru Legend Teofilo Cubillas. In 1978 when Peru were facing Scotland in the group stages. Peru were awarded the spot kick a little outside the box. Three players stood around the ball, but unexpectedly Cubillas took the shot with the outside foot as the ball bent around the wall an ended up in the top left corner.

This goal helped Peru top the group and was indeed a remarkable skill. This goal is arguably the best Free Kick Goals in FIFA World Cup History

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