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Watch! 10 Hilarious Moments in Cricket History

Although a gentleman’s game, but history has delineated some amazing comic timings of the cricketers we know. Leaving bat and ball aside, there have been moments where the crowds were entertained with bursts of laughter. Cricket has its own way of telling why laughter is the best medicine. As the heart of the matter is already clear through the title, let us live through some hilarious moments and tickle our funny bones. Being one of the most watched sports in our country, cricket has given us a lot of innumerable moments that take us for a trip down our memory lane. Buckle up with the Gen Z lingo of lol, rofl, lmao (as it will perfectly fit the scenarios below), and plunge into an entertaining read of 10 hilarious moments in cricket history!

10. Love You Zaheer!

It is always a big deal whenever there is India vs Pakistan. But such a match lost its intensity to a girl holding a placard with “Zaheer I love You” inked on it. The moment camera focused on her; the crowd went bonkers cheering out loud. The next thing we know is that the camera took Zaheer in the frame where his teammates could be seen pulling his leg. The crowd went all out when they witnessed a cute exchange of flying kisses between both the parties. The interaction with Zaheer really made the girl’s day as her blush was shown publicly.

9. Horsey Celebration of Jason Gillespie

Some celebrations are meant to be iconic in a particular sports’ history. Not to forget, Jason Gillespie has given one to cricket. The Australian’s horsey celebration after completing half-century in a test match against New Zealand is epic. Gillespie used his bat as a horse and rode on it for a few steps. No doubt, he holds the title for the most bizarre celebration in cricket history.

8. CSK’s Comedy of Errors

Even the best teams have their bad days! A blunder by CSK that never fails to make anyone laugh. This occurrence clearly sums up that IPL is just meant for entertainment purposes. In a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, CSK put up an out of this world performance while Dwayne Smith was on the run. Smith hit a shot and took a run. He went for another run due to the misfielding, creating the right moment for CSK to send him directly to the dugout. Alas, Dwayne Smith did not get out because of Shadab Jakati’s carelessness as he missed multiple chances of runout.

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7. Game of Imitation with Ronnie Irani

In this particular case, the crowd is to be held responsible for impeccable comic timing. England were facing Australia in an ODI match when the crowd decided to lighten up the mood. The English player Ronnie Irani was fielding near the boundary line and started doing some warm up exercises to bowl the next over. The crowd behind started imitating him and as gradually more people got indulged in the imitating game, Ronnie realized what was happening. The English player had a lovely grin up on his face and he purposely continued the exercises further for the crowd to follow him.

6. Khaled Mashud: Saviour of Tendulkar and Kumble

Sheer miscommunication was seen between Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble while running between the wickets in a test match against Bangladesh. Both of them could have been out but thanks to former Bangladeshi wicket keeper Khaled Mashud for letting them stay on the pitch. Tendulkar was on strike when he flicked the ball on the on-side. The first run was completed with ease, but it was during the second run that Tendulkar and Kumble were perplexed, giving the Bangladeshi team an opportunity to run out both the greats. Fortunately, more confused than both of them was Khaled Mashud who fumbled to send the Indian cricketers back to the pavilion.

5. Howzat Inzamam-ul-Haq?!

Despite having his name registered as one of the greats in Pakistan cricket, there is one (in)famous incident about Inzamam-ul-Haq that people never tend to forget. No disrespect to him, but he is generally mocked for his running between the wickets. His steps between those 22 yards really got some people talking to date! In a test match against England, he, unfortunately, lost his wicket by falling over the stumps. That day the crowd actually witnessed how can one take the idea of ‘hit wicket’ to another level.

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4. Red Card to Glenn McGrath

Given the fact that there is no red card in cricket but still Glenn McGrath got it is one heck of an incident. The personality to give him that red card is none other than the most entertaining empire of all time, Billy Bowden. Bowden’s unique style of umpiring is something that can never go out of fashion. In a T20 match between New Zealand and Australia in 2005, Glenn McGrath was cutely rebuked by Billy Bowden for pretending to deliver an underarm ball in the last over. The Kiwis needed 45 runs with 1 ball remaining in hand when McGrath decided to have fun in his own way. Making the moment even more entertaining for the crowd, Bowden pulled out a red notebook in front of McGrath as a consequence of his deed.

3. Slipping Pants of Neil Mckenzie

One of the most hilarious moments in the history of cricket on one hand and one of the most embarrassing moments for Neil Mckenzie on the other! This incident too like the previous one had Australia playing on one side. I really wonder what’s up with humor when one is on a tour against Australia! The South African fielder in an attempt to stop the ball for boundary hit by batsman Micheal Bevan was not aware enough to stop his pants from slipping down. However, unfortunately, he neither saved the boundary nor could he save his pants while diving. Hands down to this pants down moment in cricket!

2. Slipping Pants: The Saga Continues feat. Lou Vincent

Adding to the string of the aforementioned funny moment, we have another instance of pants slipping down while fielding. This time the victim is from New Zealand’s side, named Lou Vincent. Quite often we have seen cricketers go that extra mile for saving a boundary and display splendid fielding efforts. But little did Lou knew what could his fielding effort lead to! He too had his pants down in a similar fashion like that of Neil Mckenzie. At least unlike him, he saved his team a boundary.

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1. DuckDuckGo – Ajit Agarkar’s Version

A strong pillar in the Indian bowling back in early 2000s, Ajit Agarkar’s class as a batsman was also conspicuous. Unfortunately, the all-rounder went through a rough patch during a test tour against the Australian national team in 2003. Agarkar had a total of seven consecutive ducks in seven consecutive matches. Be it a golden duck or a normal one, he was on a spree of ducks. One fine day, against all odds, when he finally added that most important run in his career, he raised his bat in celebration and showcased it as if it was a ton (century).

Moments like these make the game even more beautiful. Sports, in general, is all about emotions. This was just a bunch of hilarious moments in cricket history. On a positive note, hopefully, more funny ones await our laughter in the future. Moreover, we’ll get a chance to frame another piece covering the best hilarious moments in cricket history. Cheers!

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