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7 NFL’s Best Short Quarterbacks of all time

Yes, a tall QB is favored in the game & generally we've seen many of them standing above the average height of 6 feet. Today we will have a look at the shortest QBs the game has ever seen.

Quarterbacks are arguably the most important part of a Football team & are considered the leader of the offense. The offensive leader starts the attack & is responsible for the team’s offensive formation & shape that needs to be maintained to complete the offense. Generally, the quarterback of NFL teams is taller on average, but today we’ll list out the NFL’s Best Short Quarterbacks of all time.

NFL’s Best Short Quarterbacks of all time – Ranked

Eddie LeBaron: 5-7

Eddie LeBaron

The Redskins quarterback, LeBaron was referred to as “The Little General” as he became a Marine Corps during the Korean War. The Little General played in the National Football League for 11 seasons. The 5-foot-7 quarterback joined the Redskins in 1952 & was named the NFL Rookie of the season later that season. He then moved on to Join the Cowboys in 1959 before retiring after 11 NFL seasons. In his NFL career, LeBaron passed for 13,399 yards to be included in Pro Bowl four times in total. Also Read: Top 10 Best NFL Players of All Time

Davey O’Brien: 5-7

Davey O'Brien

Davey O’Brien played his college football at Texas Christian University in 1935. In his early College career, O’Brien threw for 1,457 yards which stood for ten years as a Southwest Conference passing record. Moreover, his NCAA record for most rushing & passing plays in a single season still stands till date. In December 1938, O’Brien joined Philadelphia Eagles signing a two-year contract. The short quarterback recorded 2,614 yards & 11 touchdowns to his name during his professional NFL career.

Russell Wilson: 5-11

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson played college football at North Carolina State University. On July 12 2009, Russell was named quarterback of the pre-season All-ACC football team. Wilson graduated from the North Carolina State with a BA in communication in three years in May 2010. The professional football career of Wilson started with the Seattle Seahawks in May 2012 & was selected as the starting quarterback of the team. The 5-foot-11 quarterback won the Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seahawks. Moreover, Russell currently plays for the Denver Broncos in the National Football League.

Sonny Jurgensen: 5-11

Sonny Jurgensen

Sonny Jurgensen was a versatile player back at the college, Duke University where he played as a quarterback as well as a defensive back. Sonny played in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles (1957-63) & Washington Redskins (1964-1974). Furthermore, the 5-foot-11 quarterback was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983, post that he was a longtime commentator for Washington’s Radio Broadcast. Also Read: Most followed NFL teams on Instagram

Fran Tarkenton: 6-0

Fran Tarkenton

“The Mad Scrambler” as they would call him, was an impressive player who featured in nine Pro Bowls, and played in three Super Bowls. In his career, he won 124 games which is tied for fifth-most in the NFL history. In his illustrious career, he played for two franchises Minnesota Vikings (1961-66, 1972-78) & New York Giants (1967-71). Fran played his college football at the University of Georgia.

Drew Brees: 6-0

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is a Super Bowl XLIV champion with New Orleans Saints & was the MVP of the game. He played his college football at Purdue University where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in Industrial Management. Moreover, the 6-foot quarterback won the NFL Offensive Player of the year twice in the years 2008 & 2011. He has a career passer rating of 98.7 in the National Football League.

Michael Vick: 6-0

Michael Vick is also included in NFL's Best Short Quarterbacks of all time

This list of NFL’s Best Short Quarterbacks of all time would be incomplete without mentioning Michael Vick, the greatest running QB ever. Michael Vick holds the record of completing the fastest 40-yard dash time of 4.33 seconds. He was the number 1st pick in the 2001 NFL Draft for the Atlanta Falcons. The fastest QB has played for four NFL franchises in Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006), Philadelhia Eagles (2009-13), New York Jets (2014) & Pittsburgh Steelers (2015). Also Read: NFL Referee Salary 2023: How Much money Do NFL Refs Make?

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