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Top 5 fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history

Quarterbacks with quick feet are a privilege to have in the modern era of the game. Let's have a look at the top 5 fastest QB 40-yard Dash times in the NFL history.

A quarterback needs to have all the attributes such as arm strength, athleticism, decision making, agility but having quick feet surely does give one an edge over the others. The mobility of a quarterback does excite the teams & the fans. The modern NFL game needs a quarterback to posses as many attributes as possible, but today we will rank the top five Top 5 fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history.

Fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history

1. Michael Vick: 4.33 seconds

Michael Vick is the Top 5 fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history.

Michael Vick holds the record of being the fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history, recorded in 2001. The record of completing the 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds is the fastest ever for any position. In the same year, Michael Vick earned himself an overall number 1st pick in the 2001 NFL draft with the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, the fastest QB has never won a NFL Super Bowl. Also Read: NFL Head Coaches Fired in 2024 with Their Reasons

2. Reggie McNeal: 4.40 seconds

Reggie McNeal

In 4.40 seconds, Reggie McNeal holds the record of being 2nd in the list of fastest QB 40-yard Dash Times in NFL history, recorded in 2006. He was the overall 193rd sixth-round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft with the Cincinnati Bengals. The swift quarterback switched to the Canadian Football League (CFL) before retiring in 2011. Later in his career, Reggie was converted into a wide receiver from a lightning-quick quarterback. Also Read: 5 Smallest NFL Stadiums as per Capacity

3. Robert Griffin II: 4.41 seconds

Robert Griffin II

If it wasn’t for the injuries, Robert Griffin II would have had an exceptional NFL career for himself. Although the Baylor University collegiate did achieve an exceptional 40-yard dash time in NFL combine history. The Okinawa-born quarterback kickstarted his NFL career with the Redskins making him their 2nd overall pick. Also called RG3, the quarterback won the Pro Football Writers Association & Pro Football Weekly’s Offensive Rookie of the Year for the 2012 NFL season.

4. Brad Smith: 4.46 seconds (tied)

Brad Smith

In the 2006 NFL Draft, the Jets Drafted Brad Smith with the 103rd pick in the fourth round as a quarterback but later he was also converted into a wide receiver. The University of Missouri collegiate has an extraordinary record of 4.46 seconds of 40-yard dash time to his name. Brad Smith had a nine-season long NFL career for three different franchises in the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets & the Buffalo Bills. Also Read: 5 Biggest NFL Stadiums as per Capacity

5. Justin Fields: 4.46 seconds (tied)

Justin Fields

The most recent quarterback to break into the elite list of fastest QB 40-yard dash time is the former Ohio State collegiate Justin Fields. It was at the 2021 NFL combine that Justin recorded the remarkable time of 4.46 seconds dash time to become the first-round 11th overall pick with the Bears.

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