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5 Best Wide Receivers In NFL History

This list include some of the best ever players in NFL history.

NFL is a talent-bank that puts up the best football players on the stage, and that too on an every year basis. In a league with a glorious legacy spread over not years but decades, some players etch their name in the history forever. Taking a look in the history, we’ve put up a list of 5 best wide receivers in NFL ever.

5 Best Wide Receivers In NFL of all time

While the league has found many over the years who can be on any of these spots deservingly. However, some come and own the spot in a way that not putting their names on such a list becomes a crime. The list below has included names that turn out to be the ultimate great, based on stats, personal records, and their longevity in the game and the NFL. Have a look.

5. Steve Largent

Largent’s impact on the league still shows. The wide receiver has a personal record of 819 catches, 13,089 yards, and 100 touchdowns. Moreover, he has breached the 1000 yards feat in eight seasons consecutively. The Seattle Seahawks representative entered the Pro Bowl teams, seven times. Additionally, he received the Walter Payton Man of the Year title in 1988.

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4. Lance Alworth

Lance Alworth showed up the best game in the league at the time of his presence in it. And turns out his best was so good that it still rests unconquered for the most part. The San Diego Chargers main man has a personal record of 542 catches for 10,266 yards and 85 touchdowns. He covered 1000 yards in seven seasons. In the 1978 Pro Football Hall of Fame, Alworth made place in the first-team All-Pro list six times and seven times in the Pro Bowl squads. Alworth is a recipient of the 1963 UPI AFL Player of the Year.

3. Randy Moss

Randy Moss is the kind who spellbound everyone who laid eyes on him while he took the field. The majestic player is still named among not only the best wide receivers but the best football player to have ever played the game. Only the second to have breached the 1000 yards feat for a record 10 times. Moss is a six-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro. He still ranks second in touchdowns with 156 and fourth in receiving yards with 15,292.

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2. Don Hutson

The 1940s timeline player made several records that remained untouched for as long as 5 decades. Hutson’s personal records look ravishing with the numbers as 488 receptions, 7,991 yards, and 99 touchdowns. The Green Bay Packers loyal won three championships with the team. The eight-time All-Pro team member has recorded 3500 yards in his career.

1. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is the best wide receiver in the hisotry of football who didn’t come to NFL only to follow up on previous records. He made new ones leaving the previous ones way behind. And as it is now, his records still stand unconquered. With a personal record of 1,549 catches for 22,895 yards and 197 touchdowns, NFL is yet to have someone of Rice’s caliber again. The 13 times Pro Bowl and 10 first-team All-Pro is a three-time Superbowl winner. Moreover, he’s been a two-time recipient of the Offensive Player of the Year title.

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