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Dwight Howard Net Worth 2023, Salary and Endorsements

A rough calculation tells that Howard makes approximately $30 million a year.

Dwight Howard, born in Georgia is a Basketball player who entered NBA with the Orlando Magic in 2004. He is a true basketball prodigy and even skipped college to directly enter the NBA. Active in the game straight from childhood, Howard delivered numerous MVP performances for his high school team. His performances made him shine bright for the draft picks and the Orlando Magic picked him in the 2004 draft. The 36 years old carried his exceptional form in the NBA too as he placed Orlando Magic in a competitive spot in the tournament as he entered the arena. Apart from career, let’s know more about Dwight Howard Net Worth 2023 along with Salary and Endorsements.

Dwight Howard Net Worth 2023

Dwight Howard has an estimated Net Worth of a whopping $140 million as of 2023. His worth comes from his contracts with the NBA teams, the latest of them being with the Lakers. Moreover, another major component, is course, the endorsements completed by Howard.

Dwight Howard Annual Income in 2023

In a career including these many teams, Howard’s salary graph is ought to be an affair far from simple. A rough calculation tells that Howard makes approximately $30 million a year. This includes his earnings from the NBA and endorsements both. Before signing up with the Houston Rockets in 2016, the Lakers offered Howard a $118 million deal. Repeating the template, Howard rejected the Rocket’s $23 million deal to merge with the Atlanta Hawks instead.

The Hawks, apparently, paid him a salary of $23 million salary in a contract worth $70 million. His next collaboration with the Lakers in 2019 came up with a twisted salary pattern. The LA team decided on a salary based on his presence on the roster. The $14,490 salary was decided for the days he’d be present on the roster free from any injury potentially hindering a game. A report prior to his deal with the Lakers, in 2018, revealed that Howard’s run with different teams earned a cumulative $190 million salary.

Dwight Howard Endorsements

Howard has collaborated with major brands like Adidas and McDonald’s in the course of his career. However, a major one that stood out was his 2015 deal with Peak Sport. The multi-year deal apparently valued at $31.5 million. However, that deal now stands expired as Howard no longer appears sporting the brand now.


As seen now, Howard’s name doesn’t resonate solely with the Orlando Magic. In the 2012-13 season, Howard walked out of the team after trying for them to win the title, but in vain. He then proceeded to join the LA Lakers, however, injury vows pulled down his performance for the team. Later on, he joined other teams like Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks. Moreover, he explored the likes of Charlotte Hornets, and Washington Wizards before eventually coming back to the Lakers.

Dwight Howard proved to be the key to Orlando Magic’s rise in the NBA as he entered the team in 2004. Howard enunciated his presence in the game like no one else. And he eventually made a place in the All-Rookie team at the end of his first season. Howard came back for the second season with Magic with additional enthusiasm and a needed transformation. This time Magic carried forward to the playoffs, however, eventually missed out on the chance to play any further.

Another playoff appearance in the next season, this time repeated the same results as Magic lost to Detroit. However, in the 2008-09 season, Howard carried his team straight to the finals. But that was that only, a run that ended in the finals but not in a win.

Eventually, after delivering many notable performances for the team, Howard moved to the Lakers in the 2011-12 season. However, his performance was tarnished even before playing for the Lakers as he suffered a back injury. The injury didn’t let him play as impressively as expected. The subdued season run with the Lakers ended up with Howard moving away within a single season.

Howard, then substantially joined others like Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, and Charlotte Hornets. But none hyped up his play as the Magic initially did. In the 2019-20 season, Howard ultimately found his way back to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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