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Who is Jason Heyward Wife? Know all about Vedrana Heyward

Vedrana is active on Instagram and has around 3426 followers on the account that goes by @veeheyward.

Jason Heyward is an American Baseball player who plays for the Chicago Cubs in the MLB. We knew the fans of his game as “J-Hey” Jason Heyward. Debuting in 2009, Heyward has become one of the highest-paid players in the league. Let’s get to know about Jason Heyward life beyond the game as well. Read along to find out who is Jason Heyward Wife. Know all about Vedrana Heyward and her Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Instagram, and Love Story.

Who is Jason Heyward Wife, Vedrana Heyward?

Vedrana Heyward is the wife of Jason Heyward. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Heyward is a social activist. Vedrana works for the upliftment of young women, helping them build their passion into careers. Vedrana runs a community program called Girls on the Diamond. She established the program in collaboration with her husband Jason Heyward’s foundation, the Jason Heyward Baseball Academy. Moreover, she is also active in political activism and has expressed her viewpoint on the Israel-Palestine conflict on several occasions. Also Read: Anna Marie Kupp (Cooper Kupp Wife) Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Kids, Love Story, Insta, and Bio

Vedrana Heyward Profession

Most MLB fans are unaware of Vee Kocovic’s past. She’s recently gained more popularity on Instagram as a lifestyle and fashion influencer. Kocovic mentioned that she is writing a book in her Highlights. The book’s concept and development, however, are not yet obvious.

How did Jason Heyward and Vedrana Heyward meet?

There’s no set information about when the couple started dating exactly. However, Jason Heyward was engaged before to Grace Heller. But the engagement was called off in 2017. So apparently Heyward met Vedrana after that period. Vedrana and Jason tied the knot in the Match of 2021 and have since been going strong.

Vedrana Heyward Age, Height, and Weight

Born Vedrana Kocovic, she is 30 years old and her birth date is September 24th. Other specifics like her height and weight are yet unknown.

Vedrana Heyward Net Worth

We know nothing about Vedrana’s Net Worth. However, her husband Jason Heyward has a reported net worth of $50 million as of 2024. Also Read: Jack Sock Wife Laura Little’s Age, Bio, Kids, Instagram, Love Story and Net Worth

Do Jason Heyward and Vedrana Heyward have Children?

Jason Heyward and Vedrana Heyward have a kid together. The couple gave birth to a baby boy in the March 2022. They’ve named their son Messi Heyward. On April 3, Jr. Heyward attended the Opening Day 2024 with his mama in a customized Dodgers jersey to root for his father.

Vedrana Heyward Instagram

Vedrana is active on Instagram and has around 4259 followers on the account that goes by @veeheyward. Also read: Who is Keenan Allen Wife? Know all about Ciandra Monique.

All you need to know about Jason Heyward Wife, Vedrana Heyward

Full NameVedrana Heyward
HeightNot known
WeightNot known
Instagram @veeheyward

FAQ About Jason Heyward

Q. Is Jason Heyward left handed?

Ans: Cardinals Game Preview: Jason Heyward, David Peralta Among Left-Handed Hitters In Lineup.

Q. How old is Jason Heyward?

Ans: 33 Years (9 August 1989)

Q. Who is Jason Heyward playing with?

Ans: Jason Heyward Stats, Fantasy & News. Los Angeles Dodgers.

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