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James Tarkowski smooth line goes viral when he flirts with his wife in the new docu-series “Married To The Game”; Fans quip Everton ‘deserve another 10-point deduction’ for it.

James Tarkowski has gone viral after using a syrupy chat-up line to his wife on an upcoming Amazon Prime show.

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The Everton defender was filmed flirting with his wife, Samantha, in the teaser for ‘Married to the Game,’ a docu-series about Premier League players’ partners.

Samantha said that “everyone looks so gorgeous” to which the Everton star replied, “Especially you.”

The video quickly garnered nearly ten million views, drawing expectedly harsh judgments from rival fans.

“This is a dry as a conversation on Love Island. Why is Tarkowski so awkward they’re literally married,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

One comment that stood out was: “Give Everton another points deduction for this that’s woeful. He has zero game.”

Many fans have shared their dislike of Tarkowski’s flirting skills.

Married To the Game is a docu-series on the inner workings of football stars’ relationships in eOne’s latest series. Executive producers promise an unfiltered view of fame, family, and careers, spotlighting players like Jorginho, Gundogan, Mahrez, and Turner.

The show promises to highlight the complexities of love amidst fame. The show gives an exclusive look at the pivotal moments that shape their futures on and off the field.

It premieres on February 23 and will be a six-part series.

Tarkowski and Samantha married last June after dating since 2015. She is a fitness model and influencer who is frequently spotted at Goodison Park cheering on the Toffies’ captain.


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