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“I was delighted with how the car responded!” Max Verstappen after the pre-season testing

After the car launches of every team on the grid, fans were excited for the pre-season testing. Every car looked strong, but fans were excited about how the Red Bull F1 would perform. Well, Red Bull looked strong and outperformed everyone on the grid. Max Verstappen finished the lap 1.1 seconds faster than everyone else.

The RB20 was a beast on the track, and even Verstappen was impressed with the car.

Max Verstappen, after the first pre-season testing, said:

“I was delighted with how the car responded!”

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Here is the complete statement:

“For the first few laps, you will be surprised at how fast it is compared to everything else. I was delighted with how the car responded; the balance was outstanding. It is just a test, but we had a good day.”

Every Red Bull fan is impressed with the car, despite having different side pods. It was expected that Red Bull would come strong, but they produced an absolute beast.

Last season, Max Verstappen won 19 of 22 Grand Prix. He was a beast and broke multiple records. Looking at their current-season car, things are expected to be much stronger because he finished 1.1 seconds faster than every other driver on the grid.

Can Verstappen defend his championship? Let us know your views in the comment section. Till then, let us look at the Day 1 pre-season test results.

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Day 1 Pre-Season Test Results

  1. Max Verstappen: 1:31.344 (143 laps)
  2. Norris: 1:32.484 (73 laps)
  3. Sainz: 1:32.584 (69 laps)
  4. Ricciardo: 1:32.599 (52 laps)
  5. Gasly: 1:32.805 (61 laps)
  6. Stroll: 1:33.007 (54 laps)
  7. Leclerc: 1:33.247 (64 laps)
  8. Alonso: 1:33.385 (77 laps)
  9. Piastri: 1:33.658 (57 laps)
  10. Zhou: 1:33.871 (63 laps)
  11. Sargeant: 1:33.882 (21 laps)
  12. Russell: 1:34.109 (122 laps)
  13. Tsunoda: 1:34.136 (64 laps)
  14. Bottas: 1:34.431 (68 laps)
  15. Albon: 1:34.587 (40 laps)
  16. Ocon: 1:34.677 (60 laps)
  17. Magnussen: 1:35.692 (66 laps)
  18. Hulkenberg: 1:35.906 (82 laps)

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