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Lewis Hamilton is aiming for the F1 championship in his last season with Mercedes

A few months ago, Christian Horner hinted to us that Lewis Hamilton would join Ferrari, and no one believed him. But here we are. Hamilton will race for the Ferrari F1 team in the 2025 season, replacing Carlos Sainz.

This concludes that Hamilton will race for the Mercedes F1 one last time during the 2024 season. This was the hardest decision of his life, and he wants to give the best in his last season for Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton said:

“The focus is first getting the team back to where we once were.”

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Here is the complete statement:

“The focus is first getting the team back to where we once were. We have had this difficult couple of years, which have been grounding for us; it has helped us to regroup and look at things.”

The past few seasons for Mercedes weren’t as good as they expected. They won only one race and struggled throughout the past two seasons. Similarly, Lewis Hamilton has also struggled in the past two seasons.

But things look promising for the Mercedes team and their engineers. The team has been working very hard.

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Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1 teams’ engineers on W15 said:

“Anthony Davison was driving Melbourne in the sim, and the car felt like a car for the first time in two years!”

It looks like the Mercedes W15 is far better than the past two seasons. Will Hamilton win the F1 Championship with the Mercedes F1 team in 2024? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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