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Top 10 Fastest Pitstop in F1 History

The pit crew demonstrated their exceptional skills by performing a flawless pitstop in which all four tyres were changed in a mind-boggling 1.82 seconds.

Every second counts in the high-octane world of Formula One racing. The fastest pit stop is essential to a team’s strategy because they allow them to change tyres, and adjust to maximize their track performance. Teams have pushed the boundaries of efficiency over the years, resulting in some astonishingly quick pit stop. Pitstop allows teams to perform necessary repairs and make adjustments to their vehicles most importantly, is a dynamic and critical aspect of the race. It significantly contributed to the outcome and excitement of Formula 1 events. If a driver experiences mechanical problems. The pit crew can quickly diagnose and repair the issue. In this blog, we’ll go back in time and look at the top ten fastest pitstop in F1 history.

Top 10 Fastest Pitstop in F1 History

10. Mercedes – 2.20 seconds (Chinese Grand Prix, 2019)

Another impressive performance by the Mercedes team during the Chinese Grand Prix in 2019 rounds out the top ten, matching their previous record of 2.20 seconds. Lewis Hamilton pitted during the race’s final ten laps, and Mercedes’ race strategy helped them win the DHL fastest pitstop award for the race.

9. Mercedes – 1.90 seconds (Brazilian Grand Prix, 2016)

Mercedes, known for their overall dominance in the recent Formula One season, demonstrated their exceptional pitstop capabilities during the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, completing a stunning tyre change in just 1.90 seconds. Lewis Hamilton once again was at the back of the wheel while achieving the fastest pitstop.

8. Red Bull Racing – 2.19 seconds (British Grand Prix, 2017)

Red Bull Racing demonstrated its unwavering dependability at the 2017 British Grand Prix by achieving a lightning-fast pitstop time of 2.19 seconds. Max Verstappen was in dominance of the steering wheel. Red Bull is undoubtedly the team with the number of fastest pitstop wins in F1 history.

7. Red Bull Racing -2.18 seconds (United States Grand Prix, 2013)

Red Bull Racing’s outstanding pitstop at the 2013 US Grand Prix electrified the Formula One world. Their world record-breaking time of 2.18 seconds marked a significant advancement in the effectiveness of pitstop. By lap 20, Sebastian Vettel had pitted the car, but it took nearly 2.18 seconds for pitstop crew members to change the car’s desired parts, allowing Vettel to win the race.

6. Red Bull Racing – 2.02 seconds (Azerbaijan Grand Prix, 2019)

Red Bull Racing continued its incredible form in 2019, with another sub-2-second pitstop during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, this time in 2.02 seconds. During a season in which Red Bull continued to break pitstop records, the team serviced the Dutch driver in just 2.02 seconds in Baku.

5. Ferrari – 1.97 seconds (United States Grand Prix, 2019)

During the same year, the Scuderia Ferrari team matched Red Bull Racing’s 1.97-second pitstop record during the United States Grand Prix. Vettel is one of the most well-paid drivers in history. He and his team achieved one of the fastest pitstop in Formula One history, thanks to flawless coordination.

4. Red Bull Racing – 1.97 seconds (Chinese Grand Prix, 2019)

Red Bull Racing demonstrated their exceptional pitstop prowess once again during the Chinese Grand Prix in 2019, securing a time of 1.97 seconds, further solidifying their reputation as pit lane masters. Verstappen’s team once again demonstrated the fine art of precision.

3. Williams – 1.92 seconds (European Grand Prix, 2016)

The Williams F1 team is third on our list, thanks to a spectacular pitstop during the 2016 European Grand Prix. Their pit crew worked together flawlessly, completing the tyre change in 1.92 seconds. It is the only Williams Formula 1 car to have set one of the fastest pitstop records.

2. Red Bull Racing – 1.88 seconds (German Grand Prix, 2022)

Not far behind their record-breaking pitstop. Despite Red Bull Racing demonstrating their lightning-fast abilities once more during the 2022 German Grand Prix. During the race, Red Bull pit crew members demonstrated their skill at pitstop, as Max Verstappen exited the garage in 1.88 seconds. The second-fastest pitstop in Formula One history.

1. Red Bull Racing – 1.82 seconds (Brazilian Grand Prix, 2019)

Red Bull Racing has the record for the Fastest Pitstop in F1 History. During the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, their pit crew demonstrated their exceptional skills by performing a flawless pitstop in which all four tyres were changed in a mind-boggling 1.82 seconds. As a result, starting from pole position, Max Verstappen went on to dominate the race, leading every lap with unparalleled precision and speed.

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