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F1 2024 Moments (Bahrain Grand Prix Edition): Only the first race of the season, and we have multiple moments

The new F1 season has begun, and as usual, Max Verstappen won the first race. Moreover, it was a grand slam for him, and he did it convincingly. Not only Verstappen had a good run, but also his partner Sergio Perez. It was a smooth operation for the Red Bull F1 team, just like Sainz’s podium finish. Apart from that, several moments took place during the race. So let us look at the F1 2024 moments (Bahrain Grand Prix Edition).

F1 2024 Moments (Bahrain Grand Prix Edition)

1. Charles Leclerc started second despite the fastest lap timing in qualifying:

During the second qualifying session of the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc completed the lap faster than others on the grid. Leclerc’s lap timing was 1:29.165, the fastest throughout the Grand Prix.

But during the third qualifying session, he gave a lap time of 1:29.407, the second fastest, as Verstappen secured the pole with a time of 1:29.179.

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2. Max Verstappen’s 4+ second gap in the fourth lap of the Grand Prix

The defending champion began this season with a banger. He had a gap of more than one second in the first lap. Moreover, the gap extended to four seconds until the fourth lap.

3. Max Verstappen’s Grand Slam victory with a 22+ second lead from the runner-up

As mentioned, Verstappen began this season with a banger. He secured pole position in qualifying, went on to have the fastest lap in the race, and won the Grand Prix convincingly.

Moreover, he led the entire Grand Prix, overlapped ten drivers, and finished 22.457 seconds ahead of the runner-up.

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4. Carlos Sainz Villian Arc

Several racing drivers will end up out of contract this season, and Carlos Sainz is one of them. He is a man on a mission and started his villain arc.

He overtook Charles Leclerc twice in the Grand Prix and secured a podium finish. Moreover, the ending got spicier after no Ferrari crewmates were there to celebrate with him during the podium celebration.

5. Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo Rivalry

The season gave us a new rivalry between Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo. Tsunoda was half a second behind Kevin Magnussen and could overtake him. But the RB crew told him to swap positions with Daniel Ricciardo.

Yuki was disappointed and wasn’t happy to swap positions. Later in that lap, he gave his position to Ricciardo, who was on the softer tire. But Ricciardo couldn’t overtake Magnussen, which gave rise to a new rivalry.

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6. Lance Stroll’s redemption

Due to a first-lap spin of the Grand Prix, Stroll went down to the last position. But with proper strategies and execution, he finished 10th in the race. Moreover, he secured one point, which might be crucial as the season progresses.

7. Hamilton and Leclerc struggle with their respective cars

Future Ferrari teammates Hamilton and Leclerc were facing difficulties with their respective cars. Both racing drivers couldn’t maintain a good race pace and couldn’t finish better. Moreover, both drivers finished behind their teammates.

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Other Moments

  • Sergio Perez’s podium finish
  • Perfect Grand Prix for the Red Bull F1 Team
  • No DNFs
  • Alpine’s downfall

Did we miss any moments? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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