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Leclerc’s Curse at Monaco threatens Ferrari

Charles suffers from hometown curse as he crashes the iconic Lauda 1994 Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc, the 24 year old racer at Ferrari hails from Monaco. A small country with barely two square kilometers and approximately thirty eight thousand people. Despite being his home circuit, Leclerc never finds success here. It is like there is some kind of Leclerc’s Curse at Monaco.

It all started in 2018. He finished P14 in the qualifying laps at the Monte Carlo. He had a nice start and was about to complete the race. Le Clerc’s car rammed into Brendon Hartley’s Toro Rosso on approaching the chicane at the 70th lap. They were nose to tail on the 11th and 17th positions. Later on, it was discovered that a brake disc failure caused this crash.

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In the successive year, after beginning in 15th place, Charles Leclerc continued to fight his way through the pack. By lap eight, Leclerc had climbed to 12th place. But his Ferrari spun after hitting the inside wall at turn 17 while attempting to overtake Nico Hülkenberg. This contact punctured the right rear tire. Leclerc dropped to last place on the next lap after his tire burst apart, causing considerable damage to the car’s floor and scattering debris over the track. He was a lap down on the leaders when he emerged from the pits after a tire change.

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Le Clerc after the crash and DNQ at Monaco last year
Le Clerc after the crash and DNQ at Monaco last year

In 2021 his luck was even worse. During Qualifying, when being two tenths clear in his first run, which was the lap that counted after he crashed on his last run, Charles Leclerc took pole for Ferrari at the Monaco Grand Prix. That’s true, on his penultimate lap, Charles turned in early at the Swimming Pool complex’s exit and destroyed his front suspension It caused him to crash into the wall with 18 seconds remaining in the session.

If that ends there, the Monegasque entered the 2022 Monaco Historic GP this year. He raced in the iconic Niki Lauda 1994 car. Usual Leclerc crashed it and it’s rear gear got damaged pretty bad. Leclerc sat in the car for a few minutes then came out. It was later admitted that it was brake failure. However the Monacan made fun of himself in the Twitter and passed it on as a joke

Ferrari currently stands atop the rankings. But they face strict competition from the rivals Red Bull Racing. Red Bull spearheaded by defending champ Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. To maintain the position, they have to be on the boards in every race. With an unreliable Carlos Sainz, it’s necessary that Charles overcomes the Leclerc’s curse at Monaco and find himself atleast scoring a podium at his home.

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