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NFL Pre-Season 2022: Power Rankings, Predictions, Rating and More!

We present our 2022 NFL preseason Power Rankings right now to get you ready for kickoff. Accordingly, our NFL pics are the following:

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NFL Power Rankings and Predictions

RankRatingTeamProj WProj LPlayoffsWin SB
17.7Buffalo (0-0)11.75.383.4%14.2%
26.4Kansas City (0-0)10.66.468.7%8.9%
35.7Green Bay (0-0)11.35.782.1%10.4%
45.4LA Rams (0-0)10.46.672.4%8.3%
54.8Tampa Bay (0-0)
64.6LA Chargers (0-0)10.36.763.1%5.7%
73.2Baltimore (0-0)10.26.863.2%4.4%
83.0Denver (0-0)9.47.651.4%3.4%
92.6San Francisco (0-0)
102.5Indianapolis (0-0)
112.3Dallas (0-0)
121.9Cincinnati (0-0)9.17.946.3%2.5%
131.8Las Vegas (0-0)8.78.339.3%2.1%
141.5Tennessee (0-0)
151.4Philadelphia (0-0)
161.2Miami (0-0)
171.1New England (0-0)8.68.440.1%1.9%
180.9Minnesota (0-0)9.27.854.6%2.5%
190.7Arizona (0-0)8.38.742.5%2.0%
20-0.3New Orleans (0-0)8.58.544.4%1.6%
21-0.5Cleveland (0-0)8.38.735.5%1.2%
22-1.5Pittsburgh (0-0)7.59.524.1%0.7%
23-3.1Washington (0-0)7.79.332.1%0.6%
24-3.9Carolina (0-0)
25-4.3NY Giants (0-0)7.29.824.8%0.4%
26-5.2Seattle (0-0)
27-5.2Detroit (0-0)6.510.518.2%0.2%
28-5.3NY Jets (0-0)5.811.29.4%0.1%
29-5.3Jacksonville (0-0)6.210.813.9%0.2%
30-6.2Chicago (0-0)6.110.914.7%0.1%
31-8.8Houston (0-0)4.512.54.6%0.0%
32-9.0Atlanta (0-0)4.612.44.9%0.0%

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