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Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2022 Winner: All Constructors & Racers Points & Ranks and their performance in Imola

Red Bull Racing inch closer to Ferrari as latter has a bad day at backyard

The Dutchman Max Verstappen was crowned the champion for the consecutive year at the home turf of Ferrari. The mighty Ferrari, on the other hand, had a heartbreaking day at Imola. Nevertheless Emilia Romagna Grand Prix proved its validity on the season schedule of Formula 1 as an exciting day went down on Sunday.

Scuderia Ferrari

At their home turf, Ferrari went crashing down. The leader of the driver’s table, Charles Le Clerc crashed during the final laps when he was at P3 and destroyed his front gear. From there he fell to P9 from where he finished at P6. It was just sad to watch the young driver having hard time to control the tires later on

Carlos Sainz, the other driver had the worst day as he crashed out of the race. He was tangled by Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren and ended the race on the sidelines.

Scuderia Ferrari: 124 pts (1st)

Charles Le Clerc: 86 pts (1st), Carlos Sainz: 38pts (5th)

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Red Bull Racing

Red Bull are elated as they had a great weekend at the home circuit of Ferrari. Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez put out a great effort as they claimed a 1-2 spot. It was their fist 1-2 spot since Max and Daniel Ricciardo came in second and first respectively at the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix. Max started the race from the pole position after winning the sprint event on Sunday.

On a race circuit which dried just before the race, Max raced with sheer excellence. The poster boy and the defending champion completed a grand Slam in Ferrari’s backyard. On the Other hand, Sergio Perez started at P7, then climbed to the P2 position as he overtook with masterful guidance by the team

Red Bull Racing: 113 pts (2nd)

Max Verstappen: 59 points (2nd), Sergio Perez: 49pts (3rd)

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The British driver and the most celebrated F1 Driver once again failed to perform well in this season. Lewis Hamilton has been a great letdown for the Mercedes as he suffered yet again proving his worth. He finished the race at P14

However, the young George Russell showed that here is no problem with the engine as against what many Mercedes fans claimed by finishing at P4.

Mercedes Racing: 77pts (3rd)

George Russell: 49 pts (4th), Lewis Hamilton: 28pts (7th)

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McLaren Mercedes

McLaren scored yet another podium with Lando Norris in Imola after clinching a third position in the last year. There is something clear about Lando Norris and Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. He avoided trouble throughout the race and finished on P3 after Le Clerc crashed out of the race as the race was about to finish

Daniel Ricciardo even though started on good position, shoved against Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz who ultimately was out of the race. Ricciardo fell into the gravel trap but couldn’t come up from a fall from there.

McLaren Mercedes: 46pts (4th)

Lando Norris: 35pts (6th), Daniel Ricciardo: 11pts (11th)

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo showed true grit as Bottas unleashed a masterful drive as he finished P5. Bottas’s performance earned the team ten points which helped the team to improve in the constructors’ table. He successfully edged Le Clerc’s attempts and also fought in depth with Tsunoda and Russell.

Meanwhile his teammate Zhou Guanyu who didn’t finish the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Sprint Event started from pitlane and ended his performance at P15. Though not much of a great position, Alfa Romeo still got a pretty good Sunday

Alfa Romeo: 25pts (5th)

Valtteri Bottas: 24 pts (8th) , Zhou Guanyu 1 pt (16th)

Alpine Renault

It wasn’t Alpine’s day at Imola as both of their drivers failed to provide good results. Fernando Alonso was forced to retire after his chassis ripped apart.

Esteban Ocon on the other hand was not able to rise up to the challenges that the other teams and drivers posed. He had a strong presence in this season as being one of the four people who were in the top ten in all the races, which he lost out now. He crossed 13th but had to go further back to P14 due to his five second penalty.

Alpine Renault: 22pts (6th)

Fernando Alonso: 2 pt (15th), Esteban Ocon: 20 pts (9th)

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Alpha Tauri

Alpha Tauri had a great day at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, their drivers displayed passionate and clever driving. The 21 year old Yuki Tsunoda overpowered with extreme speed and turns and clever usage of DRS. Tsunoda used the same to most of his advantage

Pierre Gasly did a great job by keeping Lewis Hamilton in the behind battling him for 44 laps. Gasly finally finished at P12 above Hamilton. To round up, Alpha Tauri had a great day at circuit

Alpha Tauri: 16 pts (7th)

Pierre Gasly: 6 pts (13th) , Yuki Tsunoda 10 points (12th)

Haas Racing

Kevin Magnussen continued his stellar return with Haas consistently making the points table in almost every races. He finished at the P9 position and defended his position in the Top 10 of the driver standings. Kevin has been an impeccable addition to the Haas Racing. His performance is deeply applauded as he drives so perfectly despite his back issues.

While his teammate struggled so hard this race. Mick Schumacher finished the race at P17 just above McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo who had to start last after chipping Sainz and Bottas in the first lap.

Haas Racing: 15pts (8th)

Kevin Magnussen: 15pts (10th) , Mick Schumacher: 0pt (19th)

Aston Martin

Aston Martin had an eventful Sunday. They had both their drivers in the Top 10. Among the drivers who grab a championship point. Former Champion Vettel claimed the 8th position.

Lance Stroll fend off Albon and Russell as he finished at the tenth position grabbing his first point of the season

Aston Martin: 5pt (9th)

Sebastian Vettel: 4pts (14th), Lance Stroll: 1pt (18th)

Williams Racing

Williams Racing is trying to fill in the void of George Russell with Alex Albon who is clearly coming up to the same level as Russel. Albon who drove in a great fashion was yet again unlucky to steal a point.

The Canadian teammate of Albon, Nicholas Latifi is failing in being a equal competitive and coordinating team partner. Latifi failed to make aa championship point and his place in F1 is getting weaker by race

Williams Racing: 1pt (10th)

Alex Albon: 1 pt (17th), Nicholas Latifi: 0 pt (21st)

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