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Top 5 Rugby Rivalries of All Time – Epic Clashes in Rugby History

Rugby, with its deep roots and rich history, has given rise to some of the most intense and enduring rivalries in the world of sports. These rivalries go beyond mere games; they are battles of pride and history, and sometimes they even have political undercurrents.

Here, we delve into the top 5 rugby rivalries of all time, exploring the passion, the drama, and the unforgettable moments that have made these feuds the stuff of legend.

1. New Zealand vs. South Africa

New Zealand vs. South Africa

When it comes to rivalries that encapsulate the essence of rugby, the fierce competition between New Zealand’s All Blacks and South Africa’s Springboks stands at the pinnacle. This rivalry is not just about two teams; it’s a clash of titans, cultures, and rugby philosophies.

The All Blacks and the Springboks have given the rugby world some of its most breathtaking moments. While New Zealand is known for its mesmerizing Haka and dazzling skill, the Springboks provide a contrast and are instead known for their brute physicality and power.

Their confrontations are always more than a game; they are battles for supremacy. Think Man Utd Vs. Liverpool, Kong Vs Godzilla, Batman Vs Superman, Oasis Vs Blur, or Pepsi Vs Coke.

The 1995 Rugby World Cup final, where South Africa triumphed over New Zealand on home soil, is a prime example. It was not just a victory for the Springboks, but a pivotal moment in South Africa’s history, symbolizing unity in a post-apartheid era.

The rivalry, steeped in history and begrudging respect, continues to be the fixture in everyone’s rugby calendar.

2. England vs. Wales

England vs. Wales

Coming in second is the England-Wales rivalry, one steeped in history, passion, and a fair share of black eyes. This rivalry transcends the boundaries of the pitch, infiltrating pubs and living rooms across both nations. It’s a clash that lights up the Six Nations Championship every year, drawing in fans from all corners to witness another chapter in this storied confrontation.

This rivalry is more than a century old, with the first match played in 1881. It’s a battle that encapsulates the essence of the Six Nations Championship, fuelled by proximity, history, and a fierce desire to outdo the other.

Rugby is a part of the Welsh identity, and the opportunity to beat England at their own game is very much looked forward to east of Offa’s Dyke. England, too, enjoys a good dust-up with Wales—an opportunity to dominate the men in red.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup saw one of the most memorable matches between these two, with Wales overcoming a 10-point deficit to win 28-25 at Twickenham, ending England’s campaign on home soil. This made them the first host nation to ever be knocked out in the pool stages of a World Cup. English tears never tasted so good to Welsh fans.

3. Australia vs. New Zealand

The trans-Tasman rivalry between Australia’s Wallabies and New Zealand’s All Blacks is one of the most electrifying in international rugby. This rivalry is a spectacle of the highest skill, showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting rugby on the planet.

The Bledisloe Cup, first played in 1931, is one of the most coveted trophies in the sport, symbolizing rugby supremacy in the Southern Hemisphere. The 2000 Bledisloe Cup match in Sydney, witnessed by over 109,000 fans, saw the All Blacks snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, winning 39-35 in a game that featured an incredible comeback and seven tries from New Zealand.

This rivalry is characterized by breathtaking displays of skill, speed, and strategy, with both teams often at the forefront of rugby innovation. The All Blacks’ dominance in recent years has only fuelled the Wallabies’ determination, making every encounter a must-watch battle.

  1. England vs. Scotland

England vs. Scotland

Like the English-Welsh rivalry, Scotland looks to match-ups against England as a chance to give their oppressors a bloody nose, William Wallace style. And for England, it’s a chance to keep another one of the home nations in check.

England vs. Scotland is the oldest rivalry in rugby history, as the very first international rugby game dates back to 1871 when Scotland clinched the first victory.

The matches are often closely contested and unpredictable, such as the 2019 draw at Twickenham, where Scotland mounted a remarkable comeback from 31-0 down to lead 38-31, only for England to level the score in the dying minutes.

The latest chapter in the England-Scotland rivalry saw another landmark victory in Scotland’s favor. At the 2024 Six Nations, they beat England for the fourth time in a row – a feat only accomplished twice before.

5. Wales vs. Ireland

Wales vs. Ireland

The Wales vs Ireland fixture is renowned for its intensity, flair, and spirited competition that dates back to their first encounter in 1882. When these two aren’t busy trying to get one over on England, they have a rivalry all of their own, based on Celtic rugby heritage, shared culture, and an unbreakable bond between two passionate rugby nations.

The 2009 Six Nations final match, where Ireland and Wales were both playing for the trophy, saw Ireland clinch their first Grand Slam in 61 years with a nail-biting 17-15 victory.

This Cardiff match was defined by intense competition, a fervent atmosphere, and a missed late penalty by Wales that secured Ireland’s monumental achievement. Key performances from Brian O’Driscoll and Ronan O’Gara helped Ireland clinch the victory, capping off an unforgettable tournament for the Irish team and its supporters.

It’s a rivalry that captures the heart of rugby, showcasing the sport’s ability to unite people in a shared love for the game.


In the realm of international rugby, these top 5 rivalries stand as monumental testaments to the sport’s rich history, embodying the competitive spirit and emotional bonds that define each nation’s identity.

From the historic battlegrounds of the Six Nations to the Southern Hemisphere, these rivalries transcend into a series of epic narratives that captivate fans around the globe. Each match is a chapter in a larger saga that speaks to the enduring allure of rugby.

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