Canadian Grand Prix 2022: How every constructor performed at Montreal?


Canadian Grand Prix 2022 just gave the fans one of the most interesting races this season. Surprise starts and finishes enthralled many. The defending champion Max Verstappen once again reigned this season. An exciting fight at the top two, Leclerc’s driving from p19, Mick Schumacher failing miserably are some notable highlights. Let’s take a peek into how each team raced the Canadian Grand Prix 2022.


Mercedes had a nice day at the hairpins and chicanes of Canada. Lewis Hamilton won his first podium since Bahrain, his second this season. Lewis started the race at P4 and Russell started the race at P8. Both of them finished ahead of their qualifying position.

The performance gave Hamilton some hope and confidence. The Brit’s show of celebration clearly was filled with his intense desirer to comeback. George Russell came through surpassing other drivers to keep his consistency on track. The Mercedes driver have not gone beyond the top five yet in the season.

Mercedes Racing: 188 pts (3rd)

Lewis Hamilton: 92, George Russell: (4th)

Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas who is much more happy in his new team is driving very nicely. He is devoid of the toxicity. He had a nice race at the Canadian Grand Prix 2022. Zhou Guanyu showed real promise in the tracks today. he had true grit and passion. After being a disappointment in the last few races, he came through. Together the duo gave the team ten valuable points.

Alfa Romeo: 51pts (6th)

Valtteri Bottas: 46 pts (8th) , Zhou Guanyu 5 pt (16th)

Alpine Renault

Alpine had a wonderful day at Barcelona. Both of their drivers got placed at the finish line. Fernando Alonso scored his first front row start. However, the Spaniard dropped down to P9 after finishing P7 and slammed with a 5 second penalty. Alonso and his teammate Esteban Ocon provided a good watch for us fans to watch. The drivers competed against each other for a good part of their. Not going to lie, it was bit of a new excitement. The Frenchman finished P6 ahead of Valtteri Bottas and his teammate, Zhou Guanyu

Alpine Renault: 57pts (5th)

Fernando Alonso: 18 pt (10th), Esteban Ocon: 39 pts (9th)

Alpha Tauri

Alpha Tauri was disappointed by their performance at the Canadian Grand Prix 2022. Frenchman Pierre Gasly is not nearing his last season performance. Clearly, he is falling behind in Alpha Tauri. He and Leclerc being jammed up in traffic was highest news buzz we heard from the guy. Yuki Tsunoda looked in contention for a championship place as he fought along for the last two places. He fended off Stroll, Zhou and Riccardo. However his luck was pretty bad. As he was about to pit, he careened straight into the wall bringing in a safety car.

Alpha Tauri: 27 pts (7th)

Pierre Gasly: `16 pts (11th) , Yuki Tsunoda 11 points (15th)

Haas Racing

Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen both made into the top ten in the starting grids. The drivers started in P5 and P6 respectively. The german and the dane was poised to win sioem points on teh Montreal tracks.

However Mick had to retire early in the game at Turn 8 due to technical issues. The first points of the star kid is elongating further and further. The British veteran Hamilton collided into Kevin’s car which caused mild wing damage. The move forced a black-and-orange flag and a pit stop for Magnussen. He failed to recover from that.

Haas Racing: 15pts (9th)

Kevin Magnussen: 15pts (12th) , Mick Schumacher: 0pt (19th)

Aston Martin

Aston Martin had an eventful Sunday. When Stroll finished at P10 gaining one point for the team, Vettel came behind. The German finished at P12. When former champions Hamilton and Alonso made into the top ten, Sebastian Vettel couldn’t. Not going to lie, It hurts to seem his like that. Lance Stroll showed exemplary skills to finish P10 from his meagre qualifying position of P17.

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Aston Martin: 18pt (8th)

Sebastian Vettel: 13pts (14th), Lance Stroll: 3pt (18th)

Williams Racing

Williams Racing is trying to fill in the void of George Russell with Alex Albon has been not a very good replacement. He finished P13 in Sunday’s race and he is not getting into the top ten as many predicted.

Nicholas Latifi who raced for the first time in his home turf failed to provide quality performance. However his consistent placing at P16 proved to be successful once again. The Canadian might be required to perform way better in the upcoming races.

Williams Racing: 3pt (10th)

Alex Albon: 3 pt (17th), Nicholas Latifi: 0 pt (21st)

Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari who went through hell last race seems to have got out of it. As we were discussing Leclerc’s future and his decline, he proved us wrong. The Monacan who needed an urgent replacement of his engine after the failure in Baku. This gave him a ten place penalty which was upgraded with a back of the grid start. The twenty four year old so started at P19. He drove from there into the championship points. On his way he overtook several tight fights and finished at P5.

The Spaniard Carlos Sainz also recovered from the Baku disaster. He started at P3 in the grid and surpassed Alonso in the second lap and set off on Max Verstappen. He however could not overpass him at the end of the race. The last ten laps of the race was heated between him and the Dutch. Sainz seemed very poised to win his first Grand Prix.

Scuderia Ferrari: 228 pts (2nd)

Charles Le Clerc: 126 pts (3rd), Carlos Sainz: 102 pts (5th)

McLaren Mercedes

The British constructor McLaren had a seriously grave day on Sunday. The pitstops were nothing but a huge confusion. The Australian Daniel Ricciardo was forced into a slow pit styop. They tried to double stack the tyres but ended up in vain. On the other hand Lando Norris boxed but his tyres weren’t ready and that caused a huge pullback to the young Brit.

The papaya team therefore could not score a single point when it mattered. Riccardo finished at P11 despite his valid efforts and attempts to finish further higher in the rankings. Norris managed to finish a p15 only

McLaren Mercedes: 65 pts (4th)

Lando Norris: 50 pts (7th), Daniel Ricciardo: 15pts (13th)

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull who is on track to win the Constructors Title this year had an okayish day. Max Verstappen won his twenty sixth win of his career. He made his 150th start a wonderful one. Max raced a tactful race from pole position, hoisting his 46 points clear in the championship. His pace outdid Sainz as they gave pleasure to the fans’ eyes.

However Sergio Perez had to retire early due to the technical problems. Perez who was looking to tighten his grip on the second place and aim for the championship. His hopes were sure let down.

Red Bull Racing: 304pts (1st)

Max Verstappen: 175 points (1st), Sergio Perez: 129 pts (2nd)

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