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Max Verstappen and Red Bull are ready to dominate again!

Last season, F1 fans witnessed complete dominance by Red Bull racing driver Max Verstappen. He won 19 Grand Prix and scored the highest points by a driver in a season (575 points). Moreover, he single-handedly won the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

He ended the season on a high note and has continued this year. He began the first Grand Prix of the season with a Grand Slam. Pole in qualifying, the fastest lap of the race, and a 22-second gap from the runner-up. All these conclude that Verstappen is ready to dominate the 2024 season.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are ready to dominate again!

The pre-season for the Red Bull F1 team wasn’t as impressive as expected. They were among the top teams, but the gap between them and their competitors wasn’t that big.

Well, everything turned out to be different in the qualifying and race. Verstappen secured the pole position by giving the fastest lap in Q3 (1:29.179). He was looking strong and continued from where he left.

Verstappen secured a gap of more than 1 second in the first lap of the race. Three laps later, the gap between him and the second driver was more than four seconds. Later, at the end of the race, he finished 22.457 seconds ahead of Sergio Perez, who finished second.

Moreover, he led all 57 laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix and completed a Grand Slam. Verstappen began the race and didn’t let other drivers on the grid overtake him.

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After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Verstappen said:

“It went even better than expected! The car was nice to drive on every compound. You are just one with the car, and everything feels great.”

Within a few more Grand Prix, we will get to know how strong the RB20 and Max Verstappen are. Though it is too early to say, no one is close to Max Verstappen.

Will Verstappen yet again win the drivers’ and constructors’ championships single-handedly? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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