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FC Barcelona is set to offer Joao Cancelo a contract!

During the last summer transfer window, FC Barcelona loaned two Joao’s to their squad. One is Joao Cancelo from Manchester City, and the second is Joao Felix from Atletico Madrid. The loan deal turned out to be the best for FC Barcelona, as both players are among the top contributors to the team.

Moreover, both players are enjoying their stay in Barcelona and want to sign a contract with them. The wait for one Joao is almost over, as Barcelona is set to offer Cancelo a contract.

As per sources, FC Barcelona is set to offer Joao Cancelo a contract!

The contract is estimated to have an annual salary of €15 million. The contract period and other details are yet to be confirmed, but the wait is almost over. Singing Cancelo for €15 million will be the best deal in Barcelona’s history.

Over the past few years, they have wasted millions of dollars on signings that haven’t turned out to be as perfect as expected.

Mostly, Cancelo might be ready to sign this contract as he has openly talked about playing for them in the future.

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A few months ago, Joao Cancelo said:

“I have always been an FC Barcelona fan and would love to stay with them.”

In this current scenario, when players are choosing money, Cancelo is choosing football. He is ready to leave a champion Manchester City side that can win multiple titles. Moreover, he is ready to play for a lower salary compared to his former club.

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Joao Cancelo stats with Barcelona

League Matches Goals Assists
La Liga 22 2 3
Champions League 7 1 1

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