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Chris Evert Net Worth 2022, Salary, Prize Money, Endorsements, Properties, Cars, Charities, Etc.

This article explores tennis legend Chris Evert's net worth and personal wealth. Read on to find out more.

Chirs Evert is a former US tennis player and known as the tennis sweetheart of America. She began her tennis journey at the age of 5 when she was trained by her father. She became the first ever player, male or female, to win over 1,000 singles matches and has the second most complied match wins. She has won over 18 major championships and is one of the best in the history of women’s tennis to this date. She was world number 1 for 260 weeks. She has been named female athlete of the year several times by various publications. Read on to find out about Chris Evert Net Worth, Salary, Prize Money, Endorsements, Properties, Cars, Charities, Etc.

Chris Evert Net Worth 

Chris Evert current net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $16 million dollars. She made her income through her long-lasting career. She was was one of the richest tennis players of her time.

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Chris Evert Salary 

Chris Evert earns an estimated $2.69 million dollars a year. She does this mainly through various endorsements and partnerships.

Chris Evert Prize Money

Chris Evert became the first woman to reach total prize money of $1 million dollars in history. She has earned over $8,895,195 in total prize money. While most tennis stars in today’s generation earn the same amount pretty early on in their careers, during Evert’s generation things were different. She earned in very high figures given her generation. 

Chris Evert Endorsements

Chris Evert has been an ambassador for luxury watch brand Rolex. She collaborated with Rolex to design her own watch called Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31.

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Chris Evert Properties 

Chris Evert recently sold her long-time 8-bedroom mansion for a whopping $5 million dollars. Additionally, she owns a 7-bedroom mansion in Florida. 

Chris Evert Cars 

Chirs Evert is said to own several luxury cars. She has also won cars as a part of her prizes.

Chris Evert Charities 

Chris Evert runs the Chris Evert Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that supports various NGOs throughout the globe. She is actively collaborating for charity work throughout her career and even after her retirement. 

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FAQ about Chris Evert net worth and money-

Q. What is the net worth of Chris Evert?

Chris Evert current net worth is $16  million dollars.

Q.What is the salary of Chris Evert?

Chris Evert has earned over $2.69 million dollars per year.

Q.Which company and brands does Chris Evert endorse? 

Chris Evert endorsed Rolex with whom she even has an exclusive watch design. 

Q.What is the value of Chris Evert house? 

Chris Evert owns several properties. Her eight-bedroom mansion just sold $5 million dollars.

Q.What are the luxury cars Chris Evert own? 

Not known.

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