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Top 5 Premier League Goals of All Time

Here we present you with the Top 5 Premier League goals of all-time.

The English Premier League is known for its fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting football that excites fans across the globe. Every match is a spectacle and an opportunity for players to prove their talent – both with and without the ball. Since its inception in 1992, the Premier League has seen some of the world’s most gifted footballers ply their trade in England. From Ronaldo, Henry and Vieira to Hazard, Sane, and Aguero, there has been no shortage of jaw-dropping goals. In this article, we look at the top 5 Goals in Premier League history.

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5. Thierry Henry (Arsenal vs Man United, 2000-01)

Henry, arguably the greatest foreign player to ever grace these shores, left English football fans with a long list of iconic scenes and memories. Only a few, however, can compete with this peach against Manchester United.

On the edge of the area, Henry chips the ball into the air before hitting an unstoppable volley on the turn. The ball flies over Fabien Barthez’s head and into the back of the net at such a breakneck pace that no goalkeeper on the planet could even consider trying to stop it. Do you want to find the best strikers of the ball? It’s right here.

Thierry Henry

4. Didier Drogba (Chelsea vs Liverpool, 2006-07)

That goal came during the 2006-07 Premier League season when the Ivorian legend found the back of the net helping the Blues achieve a 1-0 home victory.

We don’t believe there is any better player in the game at holding the ball up and then using it to lethal effect than Drogba, and that has never been more evident than against Liverpool in 2006. One chest touch and a brilliant half-volley with the left foot. Stunning.

Didier Drogba

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3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man United vs Portsmouth, 2007-08)

Cristiano Ronaldo produced what may have been his most lasting impression on football on January 30, 2008, before a capacity crowd at Old Trafford.

It wasn’t the first knuckleball attempt to hit the net, or even the first one attempted by the Portuguese, but the goal – gave United a 2-0 lead while setting the tone for the decade that followed. The free-kick style may not be the most efficient or aesthetically striking, but the knuckleball is almost like football itself, a game where rewards are rare and bland failure is common.

However, the endless attempts from today’s youngsters to emulate the style and substance, to whom Ronaldo stands as an Idol, tell you all you need to know about the man.

Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Matt Le Tissier (Southampton vs. Newcastle, 1993-94)

Le Tissier scored some absolute belters over the course of his career, but this one goes down as one of the most remarkable goals in the Premier League.

Le Tissier receives the ball a few yards outside the box and controls it with elegance as he flicks the ball over a defender before another flick takes the ball over the final defender and the ensuing half-volley bundles into the bottom corner via Le Tissier’s right foot’s wand.

This was his second goal of the game, which Southampton won 2-1 over Newcastle. Critics frequently refer to Le Tissier as a lethargic player, but there’s nothing sluggish about him here. The desire he displays to win the ball in the first place reflects the accusations, and his demeanor is as cold as usual.

Matt Le Tissier

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1. Wayne Rooney (Man United vs Man City, 2011-12)

Old Trafford was taken aback when Rooney scored an acrobatic winner for Manchester United against their ‘noisy neighbors’ Manchester City in the 2011-12 season, securing a 2-1 win for the Red Devils.

The then United manager Alex Ferguson called the goal the greatest he had ever seen at Old Trafford.

Rooney’s goal, his sixth of the season, came off of a cross from Nani on the right wing and beat City goalkeeper Joe Hart flawlessly to give United a huge three points at Old Trafford. This goal has been a benchmark of success and quality in the Premier League and even today pundits and soccer fans around the world look back at this goal.

Wayne Rooney
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