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IPL Auctions 2022: Rahul Tripathi sold to SRH for 8.5cr.

The IPL auctions has been the talk of the town since forever. Now the mega auctions have finally come to play. The auctions are taking place in Bengaluru. A lot of changes in teams and dynamics is taking place already and there are a lot to go. A mega-auction like this is taking place after a decade. There are going to be a lot of shift in things from now on. Next up in the auctions were the uncapped players in the list. One of them was Rahul Tripathi who was one of the most spoken about players in the previous season.

As expected, the next teenager to spark a bidding war was Rahul Tripathi. Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders were both interested in the Tripathi, who was instrumental in KKR’s journey to the final last season.

Rahul Tripathi sold to SRH for 8.5cr.

Rahul Tripathi sold to SRH for 8.5cr.

Rahul Tripathi is a high-priced commodity based only on his prior IPL results, and he is being fought for right now. He started with 40 lakh and has now increased to 400 lakh, with Chennai and KKR battling it out. He’s with KKR at 440 lakh, and he crosses the 600 lakh mark in seconds. And there’s also a massive battle brewing at 650 Lakh as SRH enters the fray, with SRH taking on CSK. Tripathi’s current price is 825, which is 20 times his starting price. SRH bought Tripathi for 850 lakhs, i.e, 8.5 crores. 

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The auctions continue to take place. With every minute, a number of players are going under the bid. The bidders are doing all the preparations needed for the mega auctions. They seem confident about the players they want in their team, to take them ahead in the game. The IPL 2022 will mostly start either in March or April. And this season is going to be nothing less than interesting. All the players are ready to start playing for the upcoming season. Also, we cannot wait to see how this season goes ahead and changes things around drastically. 


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