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Top 10 Most Watched Sports Event in the World of all time

If you can’t be a part of it the best way is to watch it.

Sports is one thing that can bring the entire nation together. If you can’t be a part of it the best way is to watch it. Sports has developed over the time. Compared to the earlier sports, now it has come a long way. Many Sports have evolved over the time some has changes in its rules while some have changes in format. It is good to play a sport but it is also great if you watch it with someone. People Plan to watch sports with someone. Sports such has Football, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket and F1 has gained lot of popularity and are some of the Most Watched Sports Event in the World of all time. But do you know which are the Top 10 Most Watched Sports Event in the World of all time? Let take a look at it.

1. FIFA World Cup

Total Viewership – 3.57 billion

FIFA World Cup 2018 edition which was held in Russia had the Most Watched Sports Event in the World of all time. Football is one of the most loved sports in every country and FIFA World Cup is like a Jewel in the Kings Crown. The viewership of 3.57 billion was officially confirmed by FIFA After the final played between France and Croatia and later France lift the world Cup.

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2. Tour de France

Total Viewership – 3.5 billion

It is said that a total of 3.5 billion viewers were observed for Tour de France. Tour de France is one of the biggest Cycling Events for Cyclers. Tour de France is an annual stage bicycle race held in France. The race consists of 21 stages and all the courses are 23 days long. Henceforth Tour de France ranks second in the list.

3. Summer Olympics

Total Viewership – 3.05 billion

The Olympic Games held in Tokyo 2020 had a record-breaking viewership of 3.05 billion. It was officially confirmed later by the Olympic Committee. Tokyo Olympics has a total of 35+ different sports held over the duration span of one month. Sports such as athletics, football, and basketball, etc has a lot of viewership over the years and were attractive to many audiences.   

4. Cricket World Cup

Total Viewership – 2.2 billion

The ICC ODI World Cup 2019 has a record-breaking viewership of 2.2 billion making them rank fourth in the list. England and Wales were the host venue and various other media broadcasted the entire tournament. After the Breathtaking final between England and New Zealand, its viewership record was confirmed by ICC.  

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5. Winter Olympics

Total Viewership – 2.1 billion

Winter Olympics Games Beijing 2022 makes Fifth place in the list as they recorded total viewership of 2.1 billion. Winter Olympics Games Beijing 2022 had a total of 7 sports played in the duration span of 3 weeks. 84 Different Countries participated in the competitions resulting in a total of over 2 billion viewers.

6. Boxing

Total Viewership – 2 billion

Boxing is one of the most loved sports in American Countries. A total of 2 billion record viewership were recorded for the match OF Muhammad Ali ‘‘The Boxing Legend’’. The Fighter was also named as ‘‘Sportsman of the Century’’. It was said that people used to fight for tickets to watch Muhammad Ali Fight.

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7. UFC

Total Viewership – 1.1 billion

UFC 229 ranks Seventh in this list for a viewership of 1.1 billion. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and has Fighters participating all around the world. Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are one of the most renowned Sportspersons and the fight between them recorded a record-breaking viewership in UFC.

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8. Rugby World Cup

Total Viewership – 857 million

Rugby World Cup in Japan Recorded its highest viewership of 857 million. The viewership record was later confirmed by Bill Beaumont the Chairman of World Rugby. Rugby is an American sport and as evolved over the time. Many Countries have adapted to American Soccer and they love to watch this sport resulting them making Eight rank in this list.

9. UEFA Champions League

Total Viewership – 380 million

UEFA Champions League makes ninth place in this list with 380 million viewership record. UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest tournaments for footballers. The tournament goes through a long journey to get a winner. From group stages to Quarter finals and then the semis and at last the finals and resulted for the viewership record.

10. Super Bowl

Total Viewership – 114 million

The Super Bowl XLIX recorded 114 million viewership and ranks tenth in the list. Super Bowl XLIX is American soccer and in the year 2015, they made this achievement. Super Bowl XLIX is still the most loved and remember tournament in the Rugby History.

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