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Top 5 UFC Fighters of All Time

Many fighters have entered the octagon throughout the years to prove that they are the best that MMA has seen. But one might ask themselves that who are the best UFC fighters of all time? 

Many fighters have entered the octagon throughout the years to prove that they are the best that MMA has seen. But one might ask themselves that who are the Top 5 UFC fighters of all time? 

5. Khabib Nurmagomedov [29-0] 

Khabib Nurmagomedov may not be one of the UFC champions who has held the title the longest, but he is undoubtedly one of the most dominant champions in the organization’s history. Khabib has only ever formally lost two rounds. 

When facing The Eagle, no exceptional fighter has ever appeared to be an elite fighter. Khabib might have established himself as the definitive GOAT if he had continued to compete, but his record of just three title defenses does not qualify him as the top UFC fighter of all time.

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4. Demetrious Johnson [30-4-1] 

He did quit the UFC a little early, that much is true. Demetrious Johnson was largely regarded as the greatest boxer of all time till Henry Cejudo defeated him. 

If Mighty Mouse were to leave the UFC and sign with ONE Championship, this would be a major blow for him in terms of his legacy. 

But unless a person is an all-time great, nobody successfully defends their world championship 11 times. DJ was one of the top competitors in the UFC, so whenever he competed, the audience was always entertained.

If he had continued to compete and be successful in the UFC, we might have had a different competitor in the top position. That is what makes him one of the top 5 UFC Fighters of All Time.

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3. Anderson Silva [34-11] 

Only one champion on the list with several defeats, yet when it comes to a fighter in the octagon, nobody cares about losses. Anderson Silva is a legend and one of the most dominant World Champions to ever step foot inside the octagon. 

He would be regarded as the most exciting fighter in MMA history without a doubt. 

Anderson Silva’s head movement along with his boxing is one of the best we have ever seen when he performs his trademark taunts inside the octagon with his hands down. We are happy that his boxing career has been so far fruitful. 

Anderson Silva earns the third spot on our list of the top 5 UFC fighters of all time because of these characteristics.

2. Jon Jones [26-1] 

Jon Jones would have been the indisputable GOAT in the organization’s history if it weren’t for controversy. Jones still hasn’t lost a bout, but he was once stripped of his victory for using an illegal elbow. 

At age 23, Jon Jones had become the light-heavyweight champion of the world, making history. Since no one was able to unseat him in the Light Heavyweight division, he now anticipates facing his first challenger in the Heavyweight Division. That is why we must rank him among the top 5 UFC Fighters of All Time.

1. Georges St-Pierre [26-2]

The Canadian Georges St-Pierre is at the top of our list of all-time best UFC fighters. Inside the octagon, GSP was a one-man show; whether it came to grappling, hitting, or ground fighting, Georges was unmatched. 

GSP only suffered defeat twice throughout his career, and he was able to exact significant retribution on both occasions. 

A relatively early farewell for somebody who seemed to be in his prime, GSP decided that it was time to retire in 2013 upon defending his Welterweight title against Johny Hendricks for the ninth time.

He would return to the octagon 4 years later to compete against Michael Bisping again for UFC Middleweight World Championship for the final time. Before officially retiring, GSP would continue to add belts to his collection; who knows, he might yet be considering a comeback. That is what makes GSP the best UFC fighter of all time.

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