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McGregor vs Diaz 3: Why Dana Doesn’t Regret not booking trilogy?

It’s one of the most historic rivalries in the history of the UFC – Everytime these fighters share the octagon the fans are blown away.

It is without a doubt one of the most illustrious rivalry in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A brief fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in the beginning of 2016 piqued the interest of many MMA fans. Will we ever be able to see McGregor vs Diaz 3 ?

What Happened in the Previous Fights?

Diaz vs McGregor

When the actual fight then took place in UFC 196, and it was much more intense than anyone could have predicted. McGregor appeared to be on the verge of finishing the fight in the first round, but Diaz battled back and won via submission in the second, shocking the entire sport.

A few weeks later, they did it again at UFC 202, and this time, ‘Notorious,’ after an all-time great five-round battle, was the one to raise his hand.

Fans have been pleading the UFC to run it back for the last six years, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. This now leaves all of us wondering if we’ll ever see McGregor vs Diaz 3 ?

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What does Dana White has say?

Diaz vs McGregor

Dana White has provided an explanation for why he isn’t too disappointed that the trilogy was never completed as Diaz gets ready for the final bout under his contract.
Conor isn’t ready yet, according to White. Conor’s limb still needs healing. Although Nate could wait for that, he doesn’t want to. He may have plans or be considering something, but for the moment, he is prepared to battle. Dana said, “He wants to go, and we are going”.

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Diaz vs McGregor

No, it never turned out that way. That’s one of those fights you can have whenever you want. You see, when two guys like Conor and Nate are motivated enough to fight, it always happens. The man responded, “No, it’s not like, ‘Oh gosh, I never got the chance to make number three. The first two were outstanding. Conor and Nate’s first round in the first fight was really wild. Conor was dropping some insane bombs when Diaz entered the fray in the subsequent round. The second fight was amazing after the first one, which was insane. If it occurs, it occurs, but the first two were sufficient.

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What’s Next?

UFC 279 has been scheduled to feature Nate Diaz vs Khamzat Chimaev

Nate Diaz will take on rising prospect Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279 in an effort to go out in style. On the other hand, Conor McGregor’s fans are still waiting for official word about his return when he recovers from a broken leg.

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