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Top 5 Coaches with Most Wins in NFL History

A player's success depends on what he has learned and that is what coaches are for. Without the guidance of a Coach, a team cannot win.

NFL stands for National Football League, is surely one of the biggest Leagues in sporting history. The First Ever match Of the NFL was played in 1920 since then the sport has evolved and has changed many lives. Many teams have dominated the sports for a period. Teams such as Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, New England Patriots, and many more have won most of the Championships in NFL history. All of this can only be possible because of the players, their training and their preparation for the Coaches for the match. Coaches play an important role in Football. A player’s success depends on what he has learned and that is what coaches are for. Without the guidance of a Coach, a team cannot win. Don Shula and George Halas are some of the Coaches with Most wins in NFL History. But do you know the Top 5 Coaches with Most Wins in NFL History? Let’s Read.

Coaches with Most Wins in NFL History: Ranked

1. Don Shula: 347 Wins

Donald Francis Shula is a legend of the sport and is 1st in the list of Coaches with Most Wins in NFL History. In his coaching career, he won 328 Regular matches and 19 Playoff matches with a win ratio of 0.676. Started his career as a defensive back player and later served as a coach on various teams from 1963 to 1995. The player re-started his career as a Defensive back coach with the Virginia team in 1958. He was a defensive back coach and Defensive coordinator for four years. Looking at his coaching performance, he was signed by Baltimore Colts as a Head coach. He was just 33 years old and was crowned as the youngest coach in NFL History at that time. Later in the year 1968, Baltimore Colts won its Third championship in NFL under his Coaching guidance. Then in the year 1970, he became the head Coach of the Miami Dolphins and served the team for 25 years. He was the head coach for only two teams and gave his best to be on the winning side.

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2. Bill Belichick: 326 Wins

Bill Belichick is still a coach for New England Patriots and is hungry to win matches and championships for the team. He has a win ratio of 0.667 per match. Started his coaching career with Baltimore Colts in 1975 as a Special assistant, and later became Assistant coach, Special coach, Defence Coordinator and Receiver Coach for many years. Then in the year 1991, he became the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. In his coaching career till now, he has Won 326 matches as a coach and will be on a hunt for more in the current season. As a coach who won six super bowl championships was 3 times coach of the year, Coach of the All-Decade team and has many more achievements under his belt.

3. George Halas: 324 Wins

George Halas was a legend of his time also known as Papa Bear and Mr. Everything. He was a Football Player, a baseball player, and was team owner too but the most enjoyable career he had, was his coaching career. With a total of 324 wins in NFL History, he ranks third on the list of Coaches with the Most Wins in NFL History. He has a win average ratio of 0.671 per match. He coached teams like Decatur Staleys, Chicago Staleys and now known as Chicago bears. Chicago bears is the second Championship winner in the entire history of the NFL. All this was possible for the team by this man. Won 8 NFL Championships for the team and is still the most admired coach for every team.

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4. Tom Landry: 270 Wins

Tom Landry lands fourth on the list of Coaches with Most Wins in NFL History with 270 wins in his coaching career. He was the head coach for Dallas Cowboys from 1960 till 1988. The team Succeeds well under his coaching guidance. As a coach, he won Two Super Bowl Championships, and one NFL Championship and was NFL Coach of the year in 1966. He won many titles as a coach and has a win average ratio of .605 per match.

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5. Andy Reid: 237 Wins

Andy Reid is still a Head Coach for Kansas City Chiefs and has 237 wins with a win average ratio of 0.635 per match. Started his coaching career with BYU in 1982 as a Graduate Assistant. Later after 19 years became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in the year 1999. Served the team for 13 years with great records under his belt. As a coach, he won four times Maxwell Club NFL Coach of the year, 2 times Super Bowl Championship, and AP NFL Coach of the Year in 2002 and won many titles.

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