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The Online World of Sport – Live Sports and Sports Betting

The power of sport is unquestionable. While a huge majority of people like to partake in some form of sport, or health and fitness, others survive just fine by only following or watching sports. And, there is also a portion of society that likes to bet on sports too. Whichever bracket, or brackets, you fall into, there is a sport suitable for you.

What Sports Are Most Followed Globally?

What Sports Are Most Followed Globally


Some sports are followed and loved globally, such as soccer. Soccer has a vast following, from South America to Europe, the USA to Australia. There is no shortage of soccer emblems on bedroom walls, soccer shirts being sold across the world, or kids kicking soccer balls around the local field or along a street.

It’s also easy for anyone to practice solo or as part of a team. So it knows no boundaries when it comes to the wealth of the participant. Some sports require huge amounts of expensive equipment, and they are therefore not accessible to everyone. Soccer just isn’t one of those sports.

There are also a ridiculous number of soccer teams, leagues, and tournaments to follow. So it’s not hard to find a team to get behind, or a competition to follow.

In North America, the MLS teams have also branched out substantially over the last couple of decades by buying players such as Wayne Rooney and David Beckham to see out their playing days for lower-tiered teams than they are used to, but with big pay packets.

This has been in the hope that the MLS would have a boost in supporters, plus all the benefits that increased popularity and finances bring to a franchise and the possibility of expansion.

North American Sports

The NFL (National Football League) has a lot of money tied up in the sport, and it shows. The football stadiums are immense, the kit is constantly updated and improved upon, the sponsors are in abundance, and the catalog of merchandise available to the supporting fans is unrivaled.

The Super Bowl is a season-finale for the NFL that takes place each year in February. Watched around the world, it’s a spectacle that no other sport can match. The Half Time show has become almost a legendary staple that has to be watched year in, year out.

If the NFL isn’t your thing, then the NHL (National Hockey League) just might be. Players flying across the ice, the occasional fight, and some incredibly fast and hard shots on goal are riveting stuff.

The season is also quite long, with games played across North America in abundance in very quick succession. The Stanley Cup is the NHL’s season-finishing playoff tournament. And, the emotional contingent from both the fans and the players can play quite a huge part.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is another American institution. Some of the world’s best-known athletes ever are NBA players, including Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

It’s a fast-paced sport and the NBA is the premier basketball league in the world. With 17 titles each, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are currently tied for most NBA championships won.



Watching tennis is a brilliant family-friendly sport that can be enjoyed on several continents, or through TV and radio coverage. It has been dominated by a few players over the last couple of decades, but new contenders are emerging.

Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray became known as the Big Four at Wimbledon because, since 2002, the winner of Wimbledon was always one of these players. Carlos Alcaraz put an end to that statistic in 2024 by beating Novak Djokovic.

The sport is played on a variety of surfaces, including clay, grass, and hard-court. Wimbledon is the only tournament to have always used a grass-court surface. Along with Wimbledon, the US Open, Australian Open, and the French Open make up the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.


Rugby is perhaps one of the few sports here that is only followed by a select group of countries. It’s a tough sport because of the incredible physicality required. But, it’s also incredibly fun to watch. The Rugby World Cup takes place every four years, and traditionally moves between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres each time.

The recent Rugby World Cup took place in France and resulted in yet another Webb Ellis Cup win for South Africa. They are now the team with the most number of Webb Ellis Cup wins (four to be precise), which is one ahead of the New Zealand All Blacks.


Created in 2007, the Indian Premier League is a wealthy and much-followed cricket league. A lot of international players are tempted away from their home countries to go and play in the IPL every year. It’s the most popular cricket league in the world and uses a Twenty20 format.

Despite it only being between two countries, The Ashes is a huge cricket series that is played every two years between Australia and England and is followed by lots of cricket fans.

Each edition of the tournament switches between being played in Australia and England too. Currently, Australia holds The Ashes urn, and they have also won more times than England has.

Betting on Sports Online

Betting on Sports Online

Betting on sports is a big industry, with several online options for betting too if you don’t bet in person. It’s often just a bit of fun, with betters not necessarily understanding the odds offered, or knowing much about the sport they are betting on either.

Of course, to maximize your chances, it’s better to educate yourself about the possible outcomes of your bet, and understand the concept of the sport you are betting on.

Take care when Taking Part in Online Sports Betting

It is always important to make sure you bet within your means when betting on sports. If you are worried about your sports betting, it’s best to limit yourself and seek advice if it’s become a problem.

You also need to choose somewhere secure to play at, and just like online casinos you need to ensure that there’s a safe banking option as outlined at casinoutanbankid.net. If you’re making deposits online, make sure that the deposit options offered are varied and safe to use. Often, end-to-end encryption is a feature that is offered and should be opted for.

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