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Live Betting Online Guide: Things You Should Know

Non GamStop live betting is a very popular form of betting where you can bet on odds at the same time after the match has started. Gone are the days of handing in your betting slip before the match, and live betting is becoming more of the new normal because you can achieve a higher degree of control.

We here want to help you find the best non GamStop bookmakers that offer live betting. We show you how to easily get started, live betting on various sports, tips and an overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

How to Evaluate Non GamStop Live Betting Sites?

How to Evaluate Non GamStop Live Betting Sites?

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the sports and betting industry and therefore knows what to look for on the various betting sites.

Below we will look at some of the most important factors on which we evaluate each non GamStop bookies at websites such as justuk.club.

Safety And Reliability

The first thing we check is whether the betting company is regulated. Regulated live betting sites are safe and have high-security standards. You can therefore make deposits and withdrawals completely safely, while your personal information is protected.

Ease of Use

Good live betting sites are clear with simple menus. They shouldn’t have too much advertising and marketing and placing a bet should be done with a few keystrokes.

Selection of Markets

Selection is the key. The more markets offered, the better. For a live non GamStop bookmaker to be on the list, they must therefore have a wide selection.


The Chance of Winning in Sports Betting

The odds offered must be competitive. After all, this shows the chance of winning and how much you will possibly be paid out if your betting slip is accepted.

Available Payment Methods

All the non GamStop betting sites included in the list have recognized and secure payment methods, with fast processing times. No one wants to wait several days or weeks to receive their deposit or withdrawal.

Customer Service

Serious players have efficient and good customer support, with attentive agents who are willing to help. The best non GamStop live betting sites have 24/7 customer service, where you can get in touch via live chat and e-mail, preferably also by phone.


In today’s modern world, more and more functions are offered that can make everyday gaming even better. At the best non GamStop betting sites, you can use, among other things, cash out, live streaming, live games, odds builder and much more.

What Is the Non GamStop Live Betting?

What Is the Non GamStop Live Betting?

Live betting at non GamStop bookmakers means that you bet on a sporting event that has already started. You can therefore bet on odds while the match is underway, where you can, for example, bet on who will score the next goal, the next corner and much more.

This form of betting is becoming more and more popular, and not only among players. The reason is probably because the possibilities of live betting online are almost endless.

Live betting also gives you the opportunity to change your mind during the match, giving you greater control over your own betting slips.

The best non GamStop live betting sites also offer live streaming, where you can watch the match directly at the bookmaker. This is something we will return to a little later in the article.

Different Types of Non GamStop Live Betting

The best live betting sites offer live betting on various types of sports. This can include everything from football, tennis, basketball, American football, horse racing and much more.

Among British bettors, football and horse racing are some of the most popular sports. Esports and ice hockey have also started to climb quite high on the list.

All recommended non GamStop bookmakers have solid sections with live betting options, where you can bet on hundreds of different markets, matches, leagues and tournaments. Below we will take a closer look at live betting on football and hockey.

Live Betting Football

Live Betting Football


One of the world’s most popular sports to bet on is football. That is why bookmakers give you enormous opportunities within this sport. They offer live football betting on everything from small division matches to the biggest leagues and tournaments in the world.

Live Betting Hockey

Hockey is a sport with high intensity and is considered the world’s fastest sport. The sport has attracted great interest from players from all over the world, including British bettors.

With Live Hockey games you can get your adrenaline pumping extra, and especially if you combine it with live streaming directly from one of our recommended betting sites. These offer live odds on hockey matches all year round, regardless of whether it is the biggest league NHL from start to finish, European championships and Russian KHL.

Live Horse Racing Betting

Live Horse Racing Betting

Playing on horses is loved by British bettors. Despite the fact that football is the most popular sport, we can say with certainty that horses and trotting come in a solid second place.

By betting on live horse racing, you get the opportunity to bet on horses in various races around the world. Whether it’s big trotting events or small gallops, there are hundreds of races where you can bet on live horse racing to bet on which horse will win or who will come in the top positions.

Today, live horse racing becomes even more exciting thanks to the possibility to stream the races live at betting sites, so you can study the horses and find even more good bets for the upcoming races.


The time you have to hand in the betting slip before the match is over. Live betting is today the new normal, where you can bet on the match while it is taking place.

This provides a number of advantages in that you can now bet on markets and odds that were previously unavailable. At the same time, you get better control by being able to change your mind along the way.

You will find a number of live betting sites today, and here it is important that you get a good selection of markets and odds.

All recommended non GamStop bookmakers have live betting on a range of sports, including football, tennis, golf, basketball and much more. Live betting on Esports and hockey has also gained a lot of interest in recent years.

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