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Australian Open 2023 Prize Money: How much money will AO Winner, runner-up and others get?

The top tennis players in the world are competing at the Australian Open 2023, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. Following recent competitions that were impacted by COVID, prize money for winners in every category has increased once more. So lets check out Australian Open 2023 Prize Money:

A record amount of AU$76.5 million (US$52.8 million) will be up for grabs in 2023, an increase of 3.4% from the previous year. For example, the 2023 Australian Open Champion will receive $2,975,000, a 3.48% increase from last year. The runner-up gets $1,625,000, which is a 3.17% increase. The early-round losers see similar % increases, with first-round losers bagging themselves 3.16% more than 2022 with $106,250.

The exchange rates are noteworthy because this year, players might discover that, in terms of USD alone, winning a Masters 1000 would be preferable than winning in Melbourne. The amounts are currently the mid-market exchange rate at today’s rate but will be updated to the day of the final when the tournament is complete. Also Read: Adelaide Open Final 2023 Prize Money

Australian Open 2023 Prize Money for Singles

2023Prize Money $ AUDPrize Money $ USDPrize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2022
Round 4$338,250$227,199$178,5063.13%
Round 3$227,925$153,095$120,2843.13%
Round 2$158,850$106,698$83,8313.15%
Round 1$106,250$71,367$56,0723.16%

Australian Open 2023 Prize Money For Doubles

2023Prize Money $ AUDPrize Money $ USDPrize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2022
Round 3$67,250$45,164£37,5623.07%
Round 2$46,500$31,228£25,9733.10%
Round 1$30,975$20,802£17,3013.08%

Australian Open 2023 Prize Money for Mixed Doubles

2023Prize Money $ AUDPrize Money $ USDPrize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2022
Round 2$12,650$8,499£7,0662.43%
Round 1$6,600$4,434£3,6872.33%

Interesting facts about Australian Open

• $76.5 million total prize pool, up 3.38% from 2022
$26,000 (up 2.97%) was the first-round qualifying total.
• Teams in the first round of doubles: $30,975 (up 3.08%)
Singles participants in the first round of the main event – $106,250 (up 3.16%)
Second-round participants earned $158,850 (up 3.15%)
• $925,000 (up 3.35%) is awarded to semifinalists.
The winning singles player will receive $2.975 million.
•Since 2003, when it was $18.18 million, the Australian Open prize money has climbed by 320.79%, or $58.32 million.
•Over the past ten years, prize money has increased by 155% from $30 million (2013)

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