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Who is the Tennis G.O.A.T? Most Grand Slams in History

Irrespective of gender, Court has amassed a record of 24 major singles titles from 1960 until 1975.

In the racquet game of tennis, Grand Slam Tournaments, also referred as ‘Majors’, are the four paramount and prestigious events. As an illustrious event in sports, isn’t it intriguing to note the tennis players with most Grand Slam in history? Before diving into the most wins tally, Grand Slam is a tournament comprising of four championships. To win a grand slam means clinching the four titles in a year. These include – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open in the same calendar year. In that sense, it is also called the ‘Calendar Slam’ or the ‘Calendar Year Grand Slam’. With ice water in the veins, tennis superstars continuously traverse the courts to grab that grand title. Here are the top five G.O.A.T tennis players with most Grand Slams in history

The year commences with the Australian Open in January. Next awaits the French Open for its victor in around late May to early June. Further followed by Wimbledon in late June to early July. Next, the final of the four, US Open is held in sometime in August to September.


Most Grand slams in history

5. Rafael Nadal (22 Grand Slams)

Nadal, who is known as the “King of Clay,” has won 14 French Open championships and dominates Roland Garros, where he has won 22 Grand Slam tournaments. His backhand dominated as much as his forehead did in Nadal’s 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 victory, which delivered him his 22nd Grand Slam title. He registered a total of 37 winners.

Nadal has won the US Open four times, Wimbledon twice, and the Australian Open twice, in 2009 and 2022, in addition to his 14 French Open victories. In addition, he has won 11 of the 20 Grand Slam tournaments by defeating his rivals Federer and Djokovic in their prime. Nadal has made it to the Grand Slam Finals 30 times, with 22 victories and just eight losses. Also Read: Rafael Nadal – 20 Shots In Grand Slam If Were Not Filmed, Nobody Would Believe Them

4. Steffi Graf (22 Grand Slams)

A player with abundant talent and dedication, Stefanie Maria Graf or Steffi Graf is another German legend in sports. She has 22 Grand Slams to her name and is one of the greatest tennis players. Graf, has an unrivalled league. She is the only tennis player- male or female- to have won a Golden Slam. As a 19-year-old she not only won the Grand Slam but also bagged an Olympic gold in 1988. With a dominant forehand wing, Graf has been world No.1 for 377 weeks and won 107 career titles. Also Read: 10 Unknown Facts About Ashleigh Barty

3. Serena Williams (23 Grand Slams)

A record-smashing player, Serena Williams, is one of the most recognizable names in the world. Williams has swept the board 23 times enlisting herself as the second tennis player with most Gland Slams in history. She is the only American player to have had more than 20 majors wins. The sister duo, Venus and Serena Williams, are unbeatable at the court creating boundary crossing records. They are the only tennis players to have four Olympic golds. Also, they are the only ones to have won Olympic medal in both singles and doubles!

Williams’ is an aggressive baseliner and her achievements shall exalt till eternity.

1. Novak Djokovic (24 Grand Slams)

Novak Djokovic finally put the tennis GOAT controversy to rest. It will be difficult for many to look past the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal monopoly, but history was made on Sunday at Roland Garros when Novak Djokovic passed Rafael Nadal to win a record 23rd Grand Slam championship, making him the most successful male tennis player ever.

In the Sunday final, Djokovic defeated Medvedev 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 to win his fourth US Open championship and third Grand Slam title of 2024. With a 24th Grand Slam, he has now tied the legendary  Margaret Court, who has also won 24 Grand Slam singles victories. Also Read: Top 10 Greatest Tennis Players Of All Time

1. Margaret Court (24 Grand Slams)

With an unsurpassable history to her name, Margaret Court is still standing the test of time. She has the greatest number of Grand Slam in tennis history. Court has bagged 24 grand slam wins and her record lives unbeatable. She is among the only three players to have completed the ‘boxed sets’. In all four majors – singles, doubles, and mixed – she effectuated to completion.

Irrespective of gender, Court has amassed a record of 24 major singles titles from 1960 until 1975. Court tacked on 21 major titles in mixed doubles pushing her total to 64 major championships as per the Tennis Hall of Fame. 

As yet, no other player has emulated the feat like Court. There has been no one yet who could dominate these records. There has been no other Margaret Court.

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