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Golf Grand Slam: List of All Four Major Golf Tournaments

Like many major sports, Golf also has its Grand Slam set in place. And for someone to be the ultimate Golf legend, he needs to clinch this Grand Slam. The PGA ascertains four major tournaments that constitute a grand slam. To win a grand slam in Golf means winning all four tournaments within the same calendar year. Winning a golf grand slam is such challenging, that no one has ever attained the feat. The closest to getting a Grand Slam is Tiger Woods who won four tournaments in a span of two years from 2000-2001. Read on to get to know the four major PGA Golf Tournaments that constitute a Grand Slam.

Golf Grand Slam Major Tournaments

The Masters

The Masters takes place ahead of the other three and is played in the first week of April. The tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club, every year as per tradition. The Masters invites the participants without any prior qualifying games. And the invitation is extended to those on the top of their games, having proved so while on other tournaments all year round. A green jacket is presented to the winner of the Masters which signifies the winner’s inclusion in the club. The jacket is to be kept until the next rotation.

The PGA Championship

Unlike the Masters tournament, the PGA Championship doesn’t take place on the same course every year. Held in May every season, the tournament is played on different but equally difficult courses per season. The participation in PGA Championship depends upon winning at least one of the other three tournaments. Either that or a win in a PGA Tour event.

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The US Open

Moving chronologically, the US Open is third on the list. This tournament takes place in June just along with Father’s Day every year. The course, similarly to the other three except Masters, keeps on changing every season. However, the US Open maintains the reputation of featuring the most difficult terrain out of all the major tournaments. Another blip is that this is the only tournament of the Grand Slam that’s organized by a board other than the PGA. The United States Golf Association (USGA) organized the championship. Moreover, this tournament offers the highest prize money among the others.

The Open Championship

The wrapping up of the Grand Slam tournaments happens with the Open Championship in July. Also known as the British Open, this also takes place on different courses every year, but outside of the US, unlike others. Being the oldest tournament, the British Open is actively regarded as the most prestigious of them all. The British Open presents the winner with the ultimate prized trophy in gold, the Claret Jug.

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