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Top 10 Best Golfers of All Time

Looking at the achievement of golfers in the history of the sport, we have counted down the Top 10 best golfers of all time.

The game of golf might have started in the 15th century, but it has become one of the popular sports of the 21st century and today’s golfers are famous all over the world. Their prize money is massive as well as their fan following. Looking at the achievement of golfers in the history of the sport, we have counted down the Top 10 best golfers of all time.

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10. Tom Watson

The Kansas City native was one of the most formidable golfers during the 70s and 80s. He got his first breakthrough after winning his first Major in 1975. 

9. Byron Nelson

This American great joined PGA Tour in 1932 and has 52 PGA titles under his belt. Dallas hosted the Byron Nelson Championship to commemorate Nelson’s achievement. He came out victorious 11 times consecutively in 1945.

8. Gary Player

Famously known as ‘The Black Knight’, Gary Player bagged a total of nine major titles, which also included three victories for the Masters and three for the Open Championship. Over the past 60 years, the South African has achieved 165 wins across six continents.

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7. Bobby Jones

Despite his being an amateur golfer, he has four US Open and three Open Championships. His golf career was short-lived due to poor health.

6. Arnold Palmer

“The King” joined the PGA tour in 1955 to bag 62 PGA tour wins in his career. Palmer was awarded the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. He also has seven major championships. He played a crucial role in popularizing the sport and his fans called themselves “Arnie’s Army”.

5. Sam Snead

His victories include three Masters, three PGA Championships, and one US Open. He achieved all of this after returning from World War 1. He had the most number of victories in PGA tours (82) until Tiger Woods claimed the first spot in 2019.

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4. Walter Hagen

Hailing from America, he became the first one from his country to win the British Open in 1922. He has bagged more than 10 Major titles.

3. Ben Hogan

His best year was in 1953 when he won all three Majors in a single calendar year. But he is not the only one to reach this milestone; Woods did the same too. Hogan is considered the “hardest working” golfer because he spent a lot of time practicing and honing his skills.

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2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the ambassador of golf in the 21st century and is considered the best golfer of his generation. He has a record of 11 PGA “Player of the Year” awards and has 15 Majors under his belt, which also is the second in the history of golf. He has 82 PGA Tours wins and ties it with Sam Snead.

1. Jack Nicklaus

The “Golden Bear” is the best Golfer in the world and the debate between him and Woods won’t stop in the near future. He holds the record for the highest number of Major Championships (18 times) and has 73 wins in PGA Tours.

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