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7 Best Tennis Documentaries of All Time

Through the seven documentaries that are listed below, the fans can know not just about the on-field stories and career of their favourite players, but know them personally, their ups and downs in career, as well as in perosnal lives.

What are the 7 best tennis documentaries of all time? Die-hard fans not just watch tennis but breathe the sport. They don’t just care about the numbers and records but want to know their favorite players closely. And many documentaries fulfilled that wish.

Through these documentaries, the fans get to understand not only the on-field stories and careers of their favorite players, but know them personally, the ups and downs in their careers, as well as in their personal lives. These documentaries are beneficial and quite inspirational for those who want to learn the sport.

Even for those who don’t follow the game, these will certainly be motivational, and one can learn a lot from watching. So check below the list of 7 best tennis documentaries that feature the best players of the game.

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7 Best Tennis Documentaries of All Time

7. Facing Federer

What made a talented young Roger Federer one of the greatest of all time? This insightful documentary, made in 2004, tells the story of Federer when he burst into the scene with all his skills.

Who thought back then about his transformation into someone the world knows today? Although this documentary focuses on the Masters Tour in 2004, it will help to comprehend his evolution as a player.

6. This is What They Want

At 39, Jimmy Connors entered his last US Open to the surprise of all, that’s what this documentary features. His return to the court is one of the most inspirational sports stories, and fans adored his sheer hard work and love for the game. Who thought he will get ahead of the other players to reach the semi-final? He was defeated by Jim Courier in the semi-final.

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5. McEnroe/Borg: Fire & Ice

This HBO documentary’s name provides the idea of the two players John McEnroe and Björn Borg, having completely different personalities. One never shied away from displaying strong emotions, while the other had a calm and cool disposition. The documentary captured the hot and cold moments between the two rivals. Their rivalry defined tennis during the dramatic growth of the sport around the world.

4. Andy Murray: Resurfacing

After winning multiple Grand Slam titles, constant injuries ruined one of the most beloved players of tennis, Andy Murray‘s career. But the former number one returned to the court and although he is not in his prime form now, he is just playing and enjoying his game.

This documentary, released in 2017, will take you to the scene when Murray was dealing with the challenges, his constant battle, and what went behind the scene.

3. Strokes of Genius

Which is the best tennis match throughout the history of Tennis? Many will say the epic battle between the two greatest stars- Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal- in the 2008 Wimbledon Final.

Nadal is the king of the clay and Federer dominated the grass court. But here, Nadal outclassed his rival to 6–4, 6–4, 6–7, 6–7, and 9–7 after 4 hours and 48 minutes of play. The documentary will take tennis fans back to the days when their favorite stars fought against each other in their prime form.

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2. Venus and Serena

Released in 2012, the documentary Venus and Serena reveal how they overcame the challenges to become greats. They have inspired the generation of youngsters, and several players claim that the Williams sisters motivated them to play the sport.

It also shows the times when they were having rough times and many thought they will soon retire. However, they still gave tough competition to others a decade later and won the Grand Slam titles.

1. Unmatched

Unmatched will take you down memory lane when the legendary rivals, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, faced each other several times throughout their career. This is considered the best Best Tennis Documentaries ever released.

This ESPN documentary revealed fine details about these rivals like their looks, playing style, and how the media deemed them back then.

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