Release date of Catalyst in Apex Legends

Catalyst is a new cool character in Apex Legends.

Release date of Catalyst in Apex Legends
Release date of Catalyst in Apex Legends

A new Apex Legends season means new content, including new game modes, maps, skins, weapon charms, and new guns and characters to try out. And in Apex Legends season 15, Eclipse, another new legend emerges with a set of abilities that could significantly alter how the game is played: Catalyst. Catalyst enters the games with an intriguing potential ability: stopping scans, armed with ferrofluid and a righteous sense of justice over what’s happening to the moon Cleo. Fans are excited to know the Release date of Catalyst in Apex Legends.

If Catalyst’s ultimate can indeed prevent the scans used by characters like Seer and Bloodhound, she will be the first Apex character to have an ability that directly counters these so-called “wallhack” abilities. That’s a big deal because scan characters have long dominated the professional Apex scene and the upper echelons of the game’s ranked system.

Catalyst will also be able to slow enemies, rooting them to a location where your team can easily pick them off. While she appears to be a defensive character, she also has many abilities that lend themselves to an attack.

When can players expect to see the new legend and her ferrofluid squeezing the opposition? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the release date of Catalyst.

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Release date and time of Catalyst in Apex Legends

Catalyst will be released at the same time as the new Apex season begins. Eclipse is set to begin on November 1 at 12 pm CT, so Catalyst will be available at that time.

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Catalyst, of course, is not immediately available to all players when she is released. Players must first unlock her in the Legends tab. Most Apex players who have played for even a season or two should have no trouble with this because they receive Legend Tokens every time they level up, and many players have hundreds of thousands of currency saved up at this point. It only takes 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock any new character.

If you don’t have enough Legend Tokens and don’t want to grind the game to get more, you can buy Apex Coins. Legends can be obtained for 750 Apex Coins.

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