Can you refund gifts in Apex Legends?

Players often gift their teammates in the game.

Can you refund gifts in Apex Legends
refund gifts in Apex Legends

To the delight of fans, Respawn Entertainment recently announced that players in Apex Legends will be able to gift items to their friends. The gifting feature, which will be available as part of Season 15 on November 1, allows players to buy cosmetics such as legend skins, weapon skins, and more and send them to people on their friend lists. It’s the ideal addition for the upcoming holiday season. So let’s discuss whether can you refund gifts in Apex legends or not.

Respawn revealed in the blog post announcing gifting that players can only spend Apex Coins on gifts; they cannot be purchased with Legend tokens or crafting metals. As you know, Apex Coins are the premium currency in the game. They can be purchased with real money, unlike other currencies. Some players are wondering if there is any recourse if something goes wrong during the gifting process.

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Can you refund gifts in Apex Legends?

Can you refund gifts in Apex Legends

Unfortunately, once a gift has been sent, there is no way to refund or cancel it. Gifts cannot be refunded or canceled, according to the gifting FAQ on Apex publisher EA’s website. This includes attempts to send gifts to a banned account: those whose accounts are in bad standing cannot receive gifts, and the person who sent the gift is unlikely to receive a refund. The FAQ advises players to double-check that they have chosen the correct friend before sending their gift.

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To send gifts at all, players must have Login Verification enabled on their EA account and be at least level 10. Gifts can only be sent to players who have been mutual friends for at least two weeks. Besides, each player is limited to five gifts per day. Players will be able to gift items to friends on any platform once the feature goes live on November 1.

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