How many skins are in League of Legends?

Different skins make the game more interesting to play.

How many skins are in League of Legends?
How many skins are in League of Legends?

League of Legends has hundreds of unique champions and offers an incredible gameplay experience as well. Moreover, LoL has become popular in the gaming world for its vast catalog of beautifully crafted cosmetics by Riot Games’ hardworking artists and animators. League of Legends has been a free-to-play game since its release (2009) and will stay free. Though for some players, having different skins is essential to victory and for a better gaming experience. And when it comes to the League of Legends Universe, there are a bunch of them, with every single skin featuring different Champions, histories, colors, and ideas. So, today we are going to discuss, how many skins are in League of Legends.

With LoL skins, players can teleport their champion to a universe where high schoolers have become cosmic defenders, a reimagined wild west, a pool party, or a whole world where every character is a bee or beekeeper.

Since the League of Legends release in 2009, there have been multiple alternative worlds and hundreds of skins that have been sold to players. One thing is certain, every League of Legends player will find a universe and a skin line that they’ll be fond of.

How many skins are in League of Legends (LoL)?

skins are in League of Legends

The exact number of skins in LoL is too big. As of now (September 2022), there are 1,449 skins in LoL. However, this figure will grow more and more throughout the year as Riot usually drops multiple skin packs every month with almost every patch, which is released every two weeks. Riot releases almost 12 skins per month.

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Skins in LoL have different price points, from basic cosmetics costing the least to more in-depth cosmetics, detailed skins with new voice lines, and animations. Here is the full price list of the skins:

  • Regular skins: 975 RP or less
  • Epic skins: 1,350 RP
  • Legendary skins: 1,820 RP
  • Ultimate skins: 3,250 RP

However, many of these LoL skins are no longer purchasable in the store client because they were either a limited-time event skin or were a ranked reward. Some skins are only attainable with gemstones, while others are only available seasonally in LoL. Yet, there are hundreds of skins in LoL that could catch your eye while you peruse League’s many different outfits and styles.

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