How to use ordnances in Apex Legends

Ordnances when thrown deal a huge amount of damage in an area.

How to use ordnances in Apex Legends
Apex legends

While guns are the most used weapons in Apex Legends, they aren’t the only damage-dealing tools in the game. There are a variety of ordnances littered throughout the game’s battle royale maps. Better known as grenades, these deadly items are activated when thrown and deal huge damage in an area. However, when used incorrectly, grenades can deal damage to you or even get you and your teammates killed. So, knowing what each ordnance does and how to use it most effectively is important. This is why today we will learn how to use ordnances in Apex Legends.

ordnances in Apex legends

Here are some Ordnances in Apex Legends and know how to use them

Frag Grenade

Frag grenades are pretty similar to grenades in other FPS games. These grenades can be thrown at a short distance, where they sit briefly before causing a small but quite damaging explosion. These grenades are best to drive enemies out of their current location. So, if an enemy is hiding behind a structure or a wall, you can bombard them with grenades to drive them out or knock them out.

Moreover, Fuse can throw grenades farther and more accurately than any other Legends in Apex legends thanks to his Grenadier passive.

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Thermite Grenade

Thermal Grenades are equally dangerous as Frag Grenades. Thermite Grenades explode into a horizontal wall of flames after being thrown. These grenades will explode on the first surface they strike, so accuracy is very important. These grenades are also good for driving enemies out of their hiding spots. Moreover, these grenades can also be used for blocking off a path of an enemy squad while they are chasing you. While using Rampage LMG, thermite Grenades can be used to increase the gun’s rate of Fire.

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Arc Stars

Arc Stars are unique as they reward precise accuracy. When Arc Stars are thrown, they stick to the surface they touch, exploding a few seconds later. If the Arc Stars hit an enemy, they will slow down the enemy and deal a small amount of damage on impact, followed by a larger amount of detonation. They are good for close-range fights. Moreover, Arc Stars are good for breaking down high-level purple and red EVO shields on tough opponents.

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Things You should know before using ordnances in Apex Legends

Grenades are a powerful tool in Apex Legends but they can be more dangerous than useful for you and your squad if you don’t know how to use them. Throwing a grenade at a distance and with proper accuracy needs practice. Once you learn how to use them properly, your game will improve and your chances to win will increase as well.

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